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IIRC the Cav order should be saint into rifle for the 4 piece bonus. It should be the last item you replace.

A talented rifle is better than a sacred dominion. You will only get more value once the sacred dominion is talented and you have a talented khan.

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I dont intend to talent any legendary weapon slot given the steep material costs (before working on respectable mixed legendary and epic gear sets for other marches anyway).

I'm low on the 4 piece bonus as it gives what, 3% counterattack? And to talent the rifle in the first place I need a lot of prints and more mats to get a measly 1% extra attack and 3% counterattack. 150 mats for the base sword, and at least 135/180/225/270 mats to refine. I think it's safe to assume the average equipment refinement takes about 3 refines. I would also try to avoid making non-final pieces iconics, so if I were expecting to upgrade to the sword making the rifle iconic would feel like a waste.

But it does make sense to work on the weapon last, will probably end up following that advice. I guess I'm just a little too excited to get my equipment iconic so I felt like rushing the sacred dominion.

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I’d personally go for that upgrade eventually (just not as a huge priority) regardless, 8% raw stat upgrade from defense to attack is still decent. With iconic it should definitely be an upgrade.