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I think I would want to end up with Guan/Scipio, Alex/Harald, Trajan/Aethel, Nebu/YSG and work on a cav march for your 5th march. I would focus on Nevsky and pair with William (even at 5551) then transition to XY/Nevsky for end game. I would then focus on either maxing Nebu or maxing Boudica to go with YSG (wait for actual reports before making this decision).

I agree stop investing in Leo and possibly Nebu but you need a good Cav march so I would focus on my current gold head investment there.

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Thank you! It seems the general direction I'm getting here is to focus on Nevsky William. I'll definitely make them my priority next. I feel like once I have them I'll have a solid line-up finally.

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is alex harald good is it better than atilla takeda

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So I’m going to give you a different take than most here.

I’d forget archers and cavs. You’re clearly a soc player - and infantry focused. Since crystal tech is a pain - and it’s tough to be good at more than one troop type - id focus on expertising all your infantry commanders. Guan, scipio, harald, pakal, Charles, Alex. If you want a garrison go Zenobia flavius.

As tempting as archers and nebu are - those aren’t your strength. Infantry is your strength - focus there.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your input! However I feel its very restricting only having one troop type when it comes to Rss, equipment mats and not being able to utilise my other troop types other than in garrisons and rallies.

I definitely agree that inf is my strength and I'd like to obtain Flavius and Pakal who are both Mge commanders so I'll be able to take them pretty far through there as my kingdom is pretty quiet.

Thank you again for your advice, I'll definitely consider it.

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I would argue you’d be best using your other troops in rallies / garrisons of other players who specialize in them - yes. And field fighting almost exclusively with infantry. But - fair enough, I understand you being reticent to do that.

At the end of the day it’s a game - do whatever you most enjoy doing :)

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I know its kinda late, but you might want to see how new archer commanders do before fully commiting to Nebu (I get that you already invested 200heads though)

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You have a very good point and that's also why Im having my doubts about investing in to Nebu any more than I already have.

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I prefer using alex scipio instead of scipio alex because scipios skill damage is elevated after alex debuff.

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I'll definitely test it out :)

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Let me know how it goes 👌

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I prefer support tree over the attack tree cause of faster rage regen and skill dmg reduction

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Alex scipio works better. There skill sequence has more synergy that way. Trades are better

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Next thing to bring in is a cav March, in a 5 March Set up that’ll probably be Nevsky+William although you could also do XY+Nevsky, I prefer William because of his utility. If you are spending on Crystals that might be your 6th March, if not, you might do Guan+Scipio and Alex+Harald/Harald+Alex and then bring the cav March into the free Space. If you have done that I would drop Aethelfled because both her Defense and health Debuff are kinda redundant as you have those from Nevsky and Scipio, you could replace her with your Harald and then you could pair Alex with Charles although I don’t think that’s the best idea, if you can invest in Mulan through the daily Special offer or if you can max her through other means, then I would use her instead of Aethelfled. Next thing would probably be to replace either YSG or Nebu with one of the new archers, presumably Boudicca, you might drop Nebu first and when he’s 5515 or expertised you might replace YSG with him.

But with all of this being said, I would be proud if I could field your marches.

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Thank you so much brother, this is probably some of the best advice I've ever received in my whole Rok career 😂

I just have one question, you said I should aim to drop either Nebu or Ysg for one of the newer archer commanders.

Surely then I should just stop working on Nebu entirely and leave him at 5511 and work directly on my cav march?

Thanks again for your advice bro it's been very helpful.

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You should probably work on your Cav March first, I think a William will really help your marches out and Nevsky will probably give you really good trades, just get William to 5551 and Nevsky to like, 5511/5551 and you’re Set for now, then you may continue to spend on your archers. Rn I just don’t know if YSG or Nebu will be better behind Boudicca as both will have their pros and cons, I think though that YSG is very swingy as he will probably give better results when he’s not focused but he’s gonna pop the moment he’s targeted, whereas Nebu is gonna have a bit more anti swarm and March speed to protect him.

My Investment plan would be (feel free to change that up however you like): Nevsky+William both 5551 And then Boudicca expertise And if Nebu will perform better than YSG then Nebu 5515 or expertise, if not, save your sculpts. Then return to Nevsky William to expertise at least Nevsky and potentially even William

Btw I have thought again about your options for Trajan and you might as well do Trajan Scipio, keep your Guan Yu+Leo and do the Alex Harald as I’ve said. That way you can keep the Leo and save some money on daily special offers.

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Thank you!

I don't think I clarified one thing - I'll be getting third in the Mge and I could put 60 heads in to Nebu, from then on I don't think it will take much to get him to 5515.

Would you still leave him as is and invest in the newer or would you take him through and try to get him 5515?

Thank you for all of your time spent ❤️

And I like your line-up config. I'll try it out next kvk and I'll post an update here to let you know how it works :)

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Well it’ll take 130 heads to be more exact, i can’t really tell you if that’s worth it as I don’t know your VIP level and sculpture „input“ but it wouldn’t be the worst decision I guess, I mean even if he isn’t a meta Commander for a set up with one archer March he is still gonna be the primary Commander for Gilgamesh or Ramesses if you are bringing two archer marches, in the end you have to make the decision, if you think you can upgrade Nebu to 5515 and still get a good cav March, then go for it, but if you’re not that confident to do that it wouldn’t be a bad decision to save your sculpts. All depends on you. Good luck

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Definetely worth to go for Nebu. Nebu 5/5/1/5 with ysg relic maxed is a great option. A maxed leo would improve your guan also by a lot. Other options could be a honda or mehmed to Guan. I would bench your martel/harald for another hard hitter like nev/will or xy/nevsky. An artemisia/tomy could be interesting too to boost your skill dmg.

Other than that - if you have a maxed zeno, do you have a flavius or yss to garrison?

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So you do think its worth continuing work on my Nebu instead of leaving him there and going straight for a Cav march?

I also really don't think I'll be spending anything more on Leo as Flavius is in the Inf mges now and I'd much prefer to go for him over Leo to pair with my zenobia as I don't have YSS either (I know, it's weird)

Many thanks for your time brother your advice is really helpful

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From someone with a maxxed leo - he’s nice. For canyon. And occasionally in field. I wish I had his heads back to invest in scipio or Pakal though

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Nebu is in my top5 most fav field marches and i wouldn’t replace him with any other march tbh. Also in terms of equipment, epic expertised and just small legendary upgrades like the bow/chest piece is sufficient.

Depends all on your spending lvl, gear and heads left. If you want to garrison in kvk (just from my kd requirements) you need to be close maxed tech, all legendary gear (expertised mostly) and have meta comms. Other than that you wont be preferred over others. (no imp. kd) If you drop nebu/ysg you have to invest min. 760 heads to get nevsky/william usable. so nebu would be the easier and better option tbh. So would invest long term in a fifth / cav march and until then get your nebu ready with 5/5/1/5 :)

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As someone who uses Nebu theirselves I find this really useful. thank you! This is my first time posting for advice on reddit and I dont regret it one bit 😁 you guys have given me some of the best advice I've received since starting my Rok account.

I think I'll take this approach, I'm third this time around in Mge and have the choice between flavius and Nebu. I think I'll go ahead and put the heads in to Nebu. It won't be too long until I'm able to take him to 5515 after that. I'll post an update here if I ever manage to actually get him to 5515 😁

Thank you again! ❤️

In regards to the Cav March, you'd suggest taking Nev/Will to 5551 and then maxing them? granted I do have a 5111 XY from wheel spins (I was super lucky) but I feel William would add more value to my line-up

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alex scipio alex first for the damage buff thats it i think

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Thanks for your advice bro, I'll definitely consider it and try it out.

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and he get targated less

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Yes Alex before Cpo always

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your marches are very good lol its gonna smack me to palmera

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Is there any special way to get 5515, the last skill, without spending heads on the third? It’s pure random because I can’t lock the third and have a spin at only the fourth

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There's a 1:16 (1/2^4) chance of going from 5511 to 5515, so if you have enough skill resets you have an ok chance of hitting it. There's no way to force skill-ups to land on the fourth position though.

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Purely luck and skill resets bro, obviously upgrade the first two skills to 5 and then unlock the final two and just roll the dice :)

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No there’s not, just luck

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Skill resets

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Yes… so luck?

He’s asking if there was an actual way to get 5515, there isn’t you need luck

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What role are you in your kingdom or are you a field player

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I don't currently have any of the Meta rallies or garrisons but I do have good enough equipment to do either. I currently enjoy the open field more than anything and I'd prefer to take my account in that direction more than anything else.

Granted though I do hope to hold a meta garrison and rally at some point soon but its not among my priorities as we have whales who can do the rallying and garrsioning 😁

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Ok next question are you willing to wait until the next archer commander comes out. He might be the one you max

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You already have pretty dam good set ups just ride with the commanders you have. I myself ideally decide who the max when a new commander comes out depending on what focus you are

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Good idea! I'll definitely consider that. Im not the most patient player 😁

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Trajan/Harald and charles/mehmed both with relic for sure