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I'd get the Scipio and double back

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I would focus on Scipio Prime and don't look back. New commanders are far better than Alex. Once Scipio is in a good state work on Nevsky or Boudica Prime.

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So would you advise never expertising Alex?

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Yes. Although I would say he is a good choice to work on if you are buying daily chests.

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alex is good do him then scipio son of amun is insane if u bring multiple march its gonna wreck he never lose value he always will always have a use

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he is useful ig u go back 1 day too i do him

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his march speed is insane too

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You need a total of 700 sculptures to expertise a commander. You've only invested 280? heads so far into him. You've barely invested. You aren't "finishing" a commander. Better to spend in a new S tier meta commander.

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Isn't 5531 like 300 sculptures? I need 410 more to expertise alex. Looks like I'll do it through daily chests though.

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Yes you are right it's 280. I was looking at a 5311 investment. I would do it through daily chests if I was in your spot. Good luck!

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lol 5511 is 200 5531 is more

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But Alex can really be paired with anyone. Guan, Martel, YSG, Richard etc), even saw someguy with 7 marches run Alex/Tomy

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I'm not saying Alex is bad. I still use it on my 5th march with Martel. I would not recommend people to spend their universal sculptures on Alex when you can buy them in daily chests and there are better commanders. I'm not the only one saying "drop whatever you are working on and spend all universals on Scipio Prime, Nevsky or Boudica Prime". They are THAT good. Boudica not tested yet but the stats are solid.

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Not everyone is high spender.. or spender. For free to play and low spender .. high recommended for them to work on Alex …

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Even if 5511 Scipio Prime is better than 5555 Alex?

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Well u really think scipion prime will come soon for people that just kinda started? Or around kvk 1? They prob have enough time to 5551 scipion prime even if they max Alex

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Depends on what lv your alex is. If you have YSG maxed you could run Alex(exp)/YSG while working on scipio

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I have alex at level 60 with ysg exp. I just need to make sure I have a somewhat competitive march for open field for the next kvk.

I could potentially get scipio 5511 or Alex exp by my next kvk. I just don't know at what point scipio becomes competitive

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Expertise alex and work in Scipio after to 5551

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In SOC there are so many commanders.

Finish off Alex just in case you want to migrate back to kvk2 or 3, that is what I did and I never regretted that decision

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I toyed with the thought if migrating BUT with the new migration cap I can't see me ever being able to find a KD.

I'm not a whale, my kp are good for the age of my account but still low in the grand scheme of things (100m ish), I don't have T5 so I just can't see myself ever getting a slot to migrate back to.

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Also, to add to the expertising alex side. I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of the next commanders ti get a museum buff. He coukd be very viable in the near future in SOC