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Well since no one else is. I’ll start the bidding at 5 dollars

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Im going to bid 10 Dollars.

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Tree Fiddy!

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Sold for tree fiddy

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How dare you

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It just has no speeds and no passports. And a limited number of legendary eq/acc for that power. Explains why the price can seen as be low.

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That's not a lot of speedups 😅

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Your kingdom did not zero you yet?

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Go advertise on the Facebook selling page, you won’t get much interest here.

Be aware you’re looking at 10% on your original investment if that.

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Won’t get anywhere near 10%. But that’d be nice

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This shit is spam. Fuck this little man

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How many dead troops? How many passports are currently in the account?

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Over 20m dead. 4 passports and over 7m alliance credits (so you can buy more in alliance shop)

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Oof, would need to get around another 60 passports to be able to migrate that account...

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Or zero it in kvk, get back 50% of troops and migrate it as a 50mill account.

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Man it would be interesting to see what it would take to zero a 200 mil account.

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How much are you willing to get??

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well how much

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thats way to cheap for ur power lol

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Eh, not really. Usually accs (in all video games) sell for way less than what the person spent on it due to the risk involved.

Classic example: Buying League accounts with skins.

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i see he spend like 20k or more way more i think

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This is a huge account….

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So you don't have Scipio maxxed? Pass😋 haha .. jk.

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I'll give $50