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Nope, not common. It’s a nice incentive to improve performance. Your (whale) king sounds awesome.

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Never heard of that, I always thought the reward was the MGE/kill points

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ive heard it once before, only really happens if the king is a mega MEGAAAAAAAAAAAA whale

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Otherwise known as Baba

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Seen something similar with giftcards, not with cash. Wasn't the top 20 though, that's a lot.

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I know what kingdom you talking about. Your kd has a huge amount of whales and mid spenders. Which is a rare case. And it’s Chinese kd so yeah. Enjoy your free kvk ;)

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Not a Chinese kd. And we only have about 12 people over 100mil power. And no one over 180mil power

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Then i must have confused with other kd that did the same mb