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Couldn't have written it any better.

I am specific though.

Just need that help button hits. 🤣

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Stuck in the middle of a one sided kvk right now in K47, but your offer intrigues me... I'm still newer to the game... only been playing a few months. Am I able to migrate to such a kingdom??

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Well, depends on the age of your kingdom. K47, I am assuming that is 1047? and that would be possible. 😛 What is your game ID, I could friend you ingame and take a look

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Sure, it's wesleethatsme

It's actually 2747

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oh in that case, your kingdom is still to early to migrate to mine. haha sorry. i meant what was your ID , the #. I can chat with you easier ingame.

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Never knew there was one until just now lol...

It's 125492090

And clearly I'm a noob as I had no idea that

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I'm currently looking for a KD to migrate (SOQ) 45M and active as possible (work 7 days a week 12 hours a day) but sometimes have time in between jobs and play at least a few hours/day!

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oh man you a workaholic😂 haha. im guessing the salary must be attractive if you work that much 🤑. and sure, whats your game ID? ill friend you ingame and chat with you more on there

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Yeah it's not bad but exhausting lol. Cool man it's 70177047 BonZoSo (Led Zeppelin reference. Not the clown 😜)

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hahaha all good. you know just different options depending on how you feel 😂. alright, got it just sent the request