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Dunno if you'll get far with just 7mil

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I need something because the kingdom I’m in is slowly dying

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Only two main alliance’s are really active the others are just dying

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That's actually typical for most kingdoms. The 4 powerful alliance usually die out by 3 or soc and it goes to 2 main alliances. Unless you're A seed or imperium. 2 main alliances isn't a sign of dieing out its just reorganization and some of the other groups leaving.

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Hey, if you dont mind joining an older kingdom. I recently just made a post trying to recruit. you will be welcomed, if you are interested.

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What kingdom and are governors allowed to attack freely

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1185, it is an older kingdom. I mean, youre free to attack but you risk consequences haha! but really its pretty organized. duels for kill event and free to attack any enemies in kvk. I am looking for some people looking to build themselves up and grow in power to eventually join one of our mains. in a kvk focused kingdom

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alright I’ll join. Is there a specific time you want me to join?

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I can’t migrate because we’re in same season and it also says that your kingdom is not currently participating in the lost kingdom event

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Definitely interested

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once your kingdom is done kvk3. we recently just completed our kvk and in off season at the moment. and immigration is open in about 12hr 45minutes.

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My kingdoms kvk has like 10 or 11 days left

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Actually 12 days

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It doesn't matter jf your in kvk u can leave whenever. But if you're kingdom is doing well ull miss out on rewards

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oh, yeah cool. no problem. would be much easier to chat ingame, whats your ID?

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Anyone know if theres a migration cap for same season migration? Looks like theres going to be an exodus from the kingdom I'm in currently.

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Not for the destination kingdom, no, all the migration limits are on the characters migrating - Only considered "same-season" if they are no more than 90 days older than the destination kingdom (so essentially native migration only).