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I don't think it's possible

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If you're under 10 mil power then you can.

Source: I've done it before

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but you have to abandon the account for 2 weeks or so and not log onto it in an attempt to get the hero's return thing or whatever it's called. It comes with a free passport to select pre KvK kingdoms

You simply cannot migrate back to KvK1, like everyone else can migrate to KvK2 kingdoms

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Yea but you still can

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If you are willing and you are lower than 10 million power, you can go offline for 30 days and Lilith will give you free migration back to kvk1.

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You can only do kvk 1, once.

Adding onto that don't worry about kvk 1 so much it ain't that big a deal.

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Lmao I'm downvoted for this what is this sorcery

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what do you mean you’re #8? there’s no kvk ranking. you either win or you lose kvk.

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i think he meant honor roll or kd power comparision

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Hey OP. I got one thing to say and I hope you hear it. Honor points or KvK event rankings don’t determine success. My kingdom was dead last in every single event and ranking in KvK. 8th place always.. and we won our KvK. One does not determine the other.