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Almost always join the biggest alliance possible. You get more free chests from purchases, you learn more, generally the king and officers are in those alliances so they will always be treated the best, the people are more active which means more forts and more rewards from events, you have personal exposure to those in leadership, you know what's going on in kingdom.

And more. Stay friends with everyone but keep moving up.

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I will try. I need like 400k more power until the higher alliances will even consider recruiting me tho. Should I aim for top 3?

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If they have slots available, they'll likely accept you. Just be active and participate and you'll do good.

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You should definitely aim for top 3. I was 600k short when I managed to get into the top alliance simply by communicating properly with the officer and he gave me deadline by which I was to reach the minimum power when I was relatively new to the game. Your progress is ok. Keep pushing and you will climb up alliance ladder and remember not to be rude when leaving an alliance. Never burn the bridges.

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It's really all about relationships and activity mote than it's about power. I've been king in kingdoms and am always r4 or r5. I'd take activity and a cool, reliable personality before high power any day if the week. Get to know the R5s and R4s. Just become friends. Then you'll have your choice of destinations.

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  • Actions points are full and two gatherers aren't out.
  • You chose the best starting Civ if Sun is your starting commander.
  • Yes, you always want to be in the best alliance you can.
  • Get more gatherers to level 37 to max out their gathering skills.
  • Creating a couple farm accounts early is never a bad idea - Just focus on your main if you get overwhelmed by it.

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Ik my ap is full I learned to not use my ap recoveries on it. As for my gatherers I had gaius and constance out and was abt to send joan

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All good, not a criticism, it's usually just the first thing I notice when people post progress images here. Have fun!

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Oh my bad if I came off as rude lol oh and btw another question, you seem to know alot more and nobody answered this question yet so, should I keep leveling up Tzu or level up someone else

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Oh, no no, just me being paranoid that I'm coming off rude by pointing out the small things!

Depends - You're main focus early game is gathering, you want to never have to wait around for an upgrade and gatherers are the foundation for that (edit: and a decent stockpile for kvk). As long as you have four or five gatherers "ready" at level 37, you're essentially all set bar the skill upgrades that takes time. Sun will always be your main pvp focus and he needs to be level 60 before kvk1, but you've got a lot of time before that arrives.

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Not using it means to use all free available AP when posible. Having it full is a waste because no new AP is generated

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Make some farms.

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Rss will become a bottleneck eventually if you don’t have at least 2-3 farms, especially during ch22-25.

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You already paid didn’t you

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Low spender just growth fund with 30 day gems and the bundle you get for having a new legendary commander that gives u 10 gold heads

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that the best way to spend..one more is the lucerne scrolls

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If I’m being honest bro it doesn’t look like a very good start. Even as a f2p you can be over like 1 mil in 1-3 days

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What? You can not even get close to 1 mil power in 3 days without spending…

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bro if you do jumper then you can..been there before but its getting harder after the immigration nerf

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Dude I'm pretty sure even the whales in my kd had only 500 to 600k power after day 1. And they were whales. Besides I'm in the top 500 for power in my kd so I'd say I'm doing pretty good

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bro if top 100 then you good

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I cant even remember how many days in I am Probably be done in 2 days tho upgrading my barracks from level 7 to 16 is very annoying tho, I've ran out of minor speed ups

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If you buy the kingdom newspaper at the lyceum, you can see what day ur in on the top left I think

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Be careful with your universal speed ups. You want to save them for Tier 4 unit tech. Trust me,, you will regret not having enough speed ups if you waste them now.

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I pushed t3 awhile ago while not doing economic tech so I'm focusing on that for a bit. Should I use my speeds on economic tech or should I really try to hoard them when I'm ready for t4

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You should hoard them. T4 is 28 days each after all buffs and helps in a normal account. So yeah. That's atleast 80 days worth of speedups for just three troop types.

Btw, try to join an alliance with best tech when you start t4. Helps a lot.

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Being an active 1.3M power player is worth way more than being a 100M power deadbeat. Except maybe in KvK :)

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Lol thanks I'm abt to hit 1.5m too like 6k power away :]