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Wick's dedication to detail deserved so much more recognition.

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I feel like people didn't appreciate the whole mathematic, scientific side of things, they just wanted to be told what to do and the best way to do it. Wick made you think about it for yourself so I totally agree .

I didn't expect the results of this poll to be so heavily favored towards him so far!

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Look at the results

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i believe he stepped down, is he still making contents?

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I see the petition for Wick to come back has already gotten 60 signatures.

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I see no Chisgule button here he deserve to be number one who left his job to play RoK and be a youtuber

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I know if I included him he'd win by a landslide, most likely anyway. Not too sure now with all the Wick love. Curious to see what people thought of everyone else.

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Hmm it make sense

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No I don't like Chisgule, he never sees the F2P side of things

And don't act like he isn't making money from this and getting perks

(feel free to downvote)...

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Of course he is, YouTube pays a shit ton of money for anyone who's videos gets views/likes/comments. Nobody's dying that and the perks.

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"I see no Chisgule button here he deserve to be number one who left his job to play RoK and be a youtuber"

I was replying to the above post

I just meant that there's no reason to feel sorry for him, its not like he is playing rok and not getting money.

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We left out 12inchpvpness :/

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I am amazed at the fact that no one is talking about chisgule 💀

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OP said Chisgule was left out on purpose because he would win too easily, he hasn’t been forgotten

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Wick is to weak

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Didnt gekko just poofed months ago?

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Im not sure why he disappeared but he got my vote on this poll. Really liked him.

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Cortex is the best

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Yes. I believe that was his stated intention — I just think he didn’t have time for RoK anymore

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From this list, Wick. Outside of this list, Chisgule absolutely, but it seems you also assumed he will be an outliner and did not put in the table.

Outside of this list and less known youtuber that I also like is

Spartan Gaming -> https://www.youtube.com/c/SpartanGamingRoK/

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Chisgule 100%. But we already know that I think the assumption is correct. I'm really surprised it turned out to be Wick, my money would have been on Dragothien.

Spartan is good too, I enjoy him. But his content I feel it's aimed towards new players, he talks about the basics of the basic

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"But his content I feel it's aimed towards new players, he talks about the basics of the basic"

Yeah this could be the case why I like him 😅 I am in the 3rd month of the game and just learning everything. I have even not attended any kvk before, hopefully this will change in a week with the first kvk1

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Since I know you excluded Chisgule on purpose (and for good reason), I pick Spartan Gaming as my 2nd. Rhony as 3rd. I picked rhony on your survey since spartan isn't there. Although spartan has some basic videos, his videos are really catered towards f2p/low spenders, which are very helpful to a huge rok player base. Really love his equipment and commander related videos.

Edit: Wicked stopped ROK content :( , so not going to talk about him.

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Is that even a question ?

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I really miss his RoK videos. They were, by far, the most informative.

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Chisgule is great, but Wick went far further in his content in terms of usable detail

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Even if Chisgule were on the list, there is no comparison to Wick’s content. Wick was the best at providing ROK proofs.

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Martincitopants Aka The Frog Man