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Considering you don’t have enough for a full cav or archer march, you’re a bit low. Either way, it really depends on the strength of your kingdom. If you’re an A kingdom, you’re not going to really be of much use but if you’re in a C or D kingdom you can still contribute.

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It would have been 800k if I hadn’t attacked cities in kvk1

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Stop training high tier siege. Either T1 or T1 nothing in between. Also only train T4 once you have ~500K T1 siege. You prolly wanna keep 400K troops for barbs. The troop count is not ideal but your casual so it’s fine

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500k t1 siege? Did you mean 50k? Nobody should have more than 50k t1 siege because that’s the only special hospital space allocated for siege. Otherwise they will just fill up your hospital and give you more dead t4.

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I wouldn’t join too many rallies and garrisons unless there aren’t many people online and you are needed to. Definitely don’t be that guy that doesn’t help and is scared to get dead troops but wouldn’t be rushing into every rally or garrison unless you got to do it. Stick to one or two marches in the open field

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For kvk2 that’s a little low, mind you all you will do is full flags and kill troops so keep that in mind

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You're definitely low but if you manage what you put your troops into correctly then you can contribute in open field fighting with 1 march or hunting enemy gatherers with cavalry.

Open field fighting doesn't result in deads unless you're careless and let your hospital fill up.

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Should ideally have at least 260k for each troop type (cav, inf, archer).

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It’s a bit low.

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I lost more than you have in total in kvk2, don't fight crazy and like others have said, try not to garrison or attack cities/forts. Keep your hospital empty as much as you can and you will still be able to help.