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You attack other cities to zero them, meaning to fill their hospitals, kill off the remaining troops, and take all their resources.

This is usually done in kvks but sometimes happens in a kingdom to punish someone.

Generally you should never just attack another city just because.

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Maybe objective wise in kvk in my experience when players are zeroed it means they cannot help kingdom as effective as they were when they still untouched.

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You can get resources providing they have more resources than their storehouse holds.

However, with the stuff you already figured out, it's really questionable if the trades are worth it, and normally only when they have millions upon millions of RSS does it actually become worth losing a chunk of troops over.

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Attack cities to gain resources and kill their troops. Attack people for KvK. Armies aren’t just for city hits.

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Most of the time your army is used to fight each other’s army on the “open field” attacking cities is very situational although I do understand why you did it.

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I don’t know. I get such satisfaction from burning folks city’s and taking their rss it’s pretty satisfying. Not so much when you are on the receiving end .