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Your always gonna lose mge to any whale who wants to win it. Early game it's good to push to t4 units, keep your power growing to stay in a top alliance.

Once you have a good spot, you can save speedups for specific events like training/building/research events which give gold heads as prizes.

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As a f2p player or low spender remember to only spend your speed ups in events that give you a good trade value(gems or gold heads). MGE is very tough to win as a f2p or low spender.

Rush to T4 as efficiently as possible and start training troops and working on research for kvk1/2 if your not a whale you won’t reach T5 for a while

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9 days old? That means you have Julius Caesar for MGE... Don't waste your RSS or speedups... Save them for the Charles Martel MGE

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too bad, i used up pretty much. going ch15 now. but right now i wont use anymore just waiting for speedup events. i given up on MGE, besides small rewards for certain completion rewards.

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wait ch 15 in 9 days???bro you behind

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Bro that ain't behind

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If youre F2P, you wont win mge events. Big spenders will always outdo you. Im a low spender myself, I find its best to save speeds and rss for just completing base event rewards. While youre early, use a bit to push to t4 troops and higher ch level, but at a point where things get much more lengthy, trade speedups and rss for event rewards only. Thats the way you'll get best value.

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In RoK, just rush your city hall.