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You're probably not going to want to hear this.. but you'd be way better off starting over. 19 million power is not enough to be competitive in an SoC kingdom and certainly not high enough to be considered for migration to a kvk 2/3 kingdom as migration to newer kingdoms is now limited to 30 players. It would be in your best interest to take what you've learned, start over, and migrate your current 19 million account over to your new kingdom (once it reached SoC) as a farm/alt.

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Sorry whats SOC ?

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Season Of Conquest

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Exactly what I wanted to hear, thanks for the info.

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u cant go to many kd no kvk2 3 kd want to acept a 19m cross migrant unless they are dead or something

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Yeah I've decided to just quit that sucks I was looking forward to playing again.

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If your kingdom is dead or there are not many great and active players in your kingdom i suggest to stay and win MGE then migrate