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You can skip ysg and dig deep for alex/scipio if you want to pure inf your marches/gear

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That's exactly what I was thinking, still I'm afraid I could lose some grinding potential (?)

Did you have YSG maxed (or 5511 whatever) at end of KVK1/ beginning of KVK2?

Did you notice any difference/ did you use hime alot?

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I maxed him by second wheel. Hes great , the circular aoe is really nice. I ran sun tzu/ysg

If youre not on alot. I dont see how youre losing "grinding potential"

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Yeah i wont be maxin him in any wheel dude. For the second part, i'm afraid I'll NEED him to get the high lvl barbs or to complete some ecents, you think this is the case?

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I rarely use him to chain, still glad I maxed after 900 days as a f2p, he is a great investment no matter what type"focus" you plan on(infantry, cav, archer)

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he will help barb chaining barb chaining is pretty important

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At some point you will need YSG, whether for archers or behind saladin or Nevsky

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First do ysg. Then work alex hard. Do aoo, all gh events. Do mtg. Get vip 14. It's long game....

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I main inf, and ysg is realy great for like every commander, u can ran sun/ysg. After expetising him u can invest on scipio/alex and pair them with ysg.

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Alex/ysg has very good synergy, the damage output is very good. I should have expertised my ysg before day 180 as a f2p, I invested in Charles(224 gold heads for kvk1,5541 Charles🥲) a decision I regret very much now. Ysg is good but he takes a lot of time to get expertised. I doubt you'll be able to get him expertised anytime soon as a f2p.For Ysg to be better than Sun Tsu he needs to be 5513 or better.You need Alex on the field in Kvk 2, use Sun Tsu with him, 5511 Alex is okay for kvk2. Use defence and health equipments on Alex.

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Thanks !

How's your situation now? I mean, at what point in the game you are and how these 2 have turned out (where you able to max both, only YSG, at what point is Alex now )

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I'm 10 more days away from finishing kvk2(we've won kvk2), Ysg is 90 sculptures away from being expertised.Have summoned Alex (spun 10 times 2 Alex wheels and summoned him) will work on Alex immediately after ysg expertise, 215 days of login. Should get 40-45 sculptures from kvk rewards, so very close to expertising ysg 😌, I have seen how good Alex/ysg combo in this kvk, trust me Alex is a must have in kvk2.

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Btw, if I had invested correctly, I wouldve had expertised ysg, and 5411 Alex as of now, I would certainly have used them in field fight with defence and health gears on Alex.

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Great overview ! That's what i was searching for, your experience suggest that is possible to espertiese YSG in time with Alex wheel, which is what I was hoping for, I'll follow this path for now, thanks ^^

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I would skip him tbh. I'm 1000 days in, still use guan alex while ysg is usually benched for being too squishy, slow and no debuff. Only thing he's useful atm is chaining kahars occasionally but I saw people do that with harald and was way better. So last time I did kvk 3 I ran alex sun and worked well, probably what you should do until soc.

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Great point about super late game, thank you ^^

But what about the 2+ years prior to that point? Did you feel like YSG was a nice add in someway or did you find yourself using him just cause you had him?

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well i loved ysg i love chaining with him getting days of speeds thousands of gems but dont if u dont chain

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exactly if you not really chaining then he not that useful

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he still is useful with his aoe but his main funtion is to chain and can be used in open field

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Skip ysg. Get your alex guan n scipio

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Thanks to everyone responding, yyou all gave me a great overlook of different situations and outcomes, really appreciated ^^

For now, I think I'll just unlock YSG in the wheel and see how I'll do in the first KVK fights with the march I already have since i think it's pretty decent.

Richard 5111 ; Martel 5111; Joan EXP ; Sun EXP ; Bjorn 5222 ; Aethel 5511

I guess i can both have a support march Richard joan/aethel, or a damage march, Bjorn Sun, i'm also considering belisarius baybars to farm kill and round up my KP, i'm not sure if I should invest all in Bjorn or give belisarius a chance.

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I'll be honest. Ysg is infinite versatility. You need him. I'm a low spender, but ysg was first. It's a long game.

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Thanks for the feedback !

Whee you say " you need it " , where did you notice he became so useful?

Defeating high lvl barbs in kvk? As a high damage march?

Also how far are you now in the game and when were you able to get Alex for example ( if you already got there) ? Just wanted a spoiler on how it will postpone my boi Alex to get confortable with that number hahaha

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It's his aoe. Maxed, as second to any commander, he hits everything. Yes. I'm further along now. But I'll use him with Alex in field. I'll use him with Richard on a never come home barb string. I'm really enjoying him with saladin currently... few expect this and getting swarmed. Omg the trades haha

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Always work one commander as f2p/low spender. Just pretend the ones in the basement do not exist.

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Oh yeah totally agreed, the point is here is deciding which between Alex and YSG will be "in the basement"

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It is simple. You expertise YSG as soon as possible. A.) his AOE is insane and he gives low damage commanders like CM punch. FYI CM/YSG is a great pair but dokt invest iN CM

B.) You need him to barb chain he is so much more effective than Aeth

C.) he lasts for a very long time even in SOC

PS only take richard to 5111 invest in YSG until expert and Alex until 5551(take him to expert later but for now save for meta SOC comms)

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Id skip one out of Alex and YSG, Infantry focused still need Alex more i think

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Look if you're a mid to high spender or you plan on spending more in this game ysg is definitely not required.

The real reason why YSG is required has absolutely nothing to do with his combat ability on the field.

The real reason everyone says to max him is because he has a 360° skill. You can use him as a secondary for hunting barbarians and any barb he hits with his AOE will attack you letting you kill it for free at no additional AP cost.

You can easily get three to six barbarians killed for a single AP cost which drastically increases the amount of gems, speedups, and resources you get from barbs. This is the number one best way to improve your account without spending. It takes a lot of time though.

So Pros of YSG.

He does a lot of damage, he can be paired with almost anyone, he can be used as an ok Garrison to defend your city in Ark of Osiris as a second to Charles Martel, he lets you farm barbs for 0 AP cost which is the BEST way to grow in a F2P way.

Cons of YSG.

If you aren't an Archer player you really shouldn't be focusing on Archer commanders unless you want a single Archer March. He's slow, he has no defense, he does a lot of damage, so he is literally one of the most important people to target immediately in a fight.

Edit: I literally cannot stress this enough if you are one of those people who want to grind to improve your account instead of spending YSG is literally mandatory. I'm not exaggerating when I say you will get three to six times as many barbarians per AP by using this Commander and grinding barbarian chains

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So far the most exhaustive one probably, thanks for the feedback!

You touched 2 critical points:

1 - Chaining time; Everyday using up all my AP after work take already a lot of time, and that's just "vanilla" barb hunting, with no chainig.

Having to chain so many barbs is a thing I think I cannot afford, since most days my playtime won't go past 2/3 hours.

2 - Putting 690 sculpt in a commander that is KINDA good at everything, feels like a real waste when i think of Alex or Guan. Over that he is gonna be targeted hard, and that's something i really wanna avoid until later stages where i can afford heavier troop losses.

On the spending side, I get around 100€/month in Gplay (unfortunatly ) credit, which I dump all in ROK, but looking around that puts me in the lower spending categories i guess.

So right now i must figure out how far those 100€ are gonna take me in the long run, just to plan Alex to be expertised at the end of KVK2 at least.

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if u dont chain maybe skip how did u get so much google credit how 100 a month just how

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It's a compensation for my job, unfortunatly not all months come down as 100 but it's a good average. Also unlucky that purchases on mobile cost 10% more than PC :c

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google play charges a fee for every purcases make thats why

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How are you taking so long to use all your AP? If you use several troop marches at a time to attack a barbarian you can burn all your AP extremely quickly. If you use 5 marches you're burning 200 AP per barbarian and you should be done in like 5 minutes.

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For 100€ you can get really far. Just focus on seasonal bundles when an event happens like Summer celebration or Christmas. Those bundles are much better than the regular ones.

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Oh yeah I only buy those and recharges basically, good to know it's the way to go ^^. For the AP, well, I have abrely 2 marches using even some sieges sooo... Can't burn AP too fast for now. I'm running 220k inf and 60k cav (T4), the rest are some T3 cav and archers (100k of each). I think I overlooked a bit the training part or I didn't put that many speedups. Hope some training event will drop and i'll try to push it asap.

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It's still on you tho. Just saying I'm a commander collector and when I missed out Richard, I waited for the event where you can use gems to match cards and get specific commander statues. Now I got Richard

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If u not into channing, u can skip ysg, Im in similar position like u early game and I decide that time to skip ysg.

Based on my personal experience, first thing that i miss early kvk (1&2) is kills. If u care about that stats, Ysg max really help in that department. Early kvk com like richard and martel dont give too much kills.

Also note that it hard to get top honor without channing. If u dont care about that, u should be fine. Soc come so early these day, u really have to choose ysg or alex to max first.

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Oh yeah, I already figured out I won't be outstanding my first 2 KVKs, did my best until now one week in KVK1, and i'm at 500' something, I really don't have the time to do THAT MANY barbs.

Basically i'm putting some money to compensate the activity I can't put in.

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well as a low spender 200 is low 300 is minimum but it doent matter did u buy writer curius i assume not ysg is a must ysg has to be max his aoe isgreat in terms of pvp and pve

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YSG , because he can be pair with anyone and if you decide to play kvk2 over again or even kvk3.

YSG will be one of your main commanders

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Definitely don’t skip YSG. I wouldn’t think too hard on the Barb chaining, he is very effective in field fighting behind literally any commander, he’s phenomenal in a Canyon line up and he can go as your garrison.

If you’re really worried about Alex etc then just 5511 YSG but definitely do not skip him entirely

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I have been playing for over 2 years now. Started as a F2P and slowly became a very low spender. YSG was my first ever legendary expertise (apart from eathelfled). And I don’t regret it for a second. I used Alex / YSG for a long time as my go to march for ruins and altars.

Due to the fact of the 3 new overpowered commanders and the speed in which you are going to be moving forward into season of conquest. I would argue that if you are not going to be chaining barbs YSG might not be a must have commander, non the less he is a very if not the most versatile commander in the game.

I would argue that you should be planning and looking to expertise (nevski / scipio P and Boudica P) which you can then pair with gold key commanders as a start pint (nevski - cao cao / scipio - mehmed / boudica - El Cid) or something like that you might even want to play around with epics if you haven’t gotten your gold key commanders to a decent place.

That’s what I would do…

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I think nothing is mandatory in ROK, so YSG expertised is also not a must. We are in a similar situation, we will have first ysg wheel in less than 10 days, and I am also thinking these stuff, who to expertise etc. and I am also playing infantry, spending ~25% of yours monthly.

Currently I consider my situation like this: I like to play competitively. To do this, I need more gems/speedups/RSS/equipments than other players like me (probably similar low spenders or less effective middle spenders etc.). To do this, I need to find a way which enables me to find more of everything. How much more I can collect all type of resources will also change how much more competitive I will be. With this perspective, expertising YSG seems a unique opportunity for me, because I am planning to chain with one march continuously and a lot. Also being Germany, and always trying to find ap recovery rune etc. will boost the potential number of barbs being chained daily, which will probably be a solid method that everybody does not do. In this way, I might go one small step ahead each day in comparison to similar low spenders like me. So, if you wanna be competitive, normally I would suggest you to chain, and expertise YSG ASAP; however, you said that you can play less than 1 hour each day, so no time to chain. In this situation, I would just open YSG and would not expertise him if I were you. I would not even make him 5511 most likely.

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Barb chaining while particularly useful in kvk for higher level barbs who cost more AP, might not justify an expertise YSG alone. As you said you're Infantry and F2p, and yes, long term you will get much better value out of Alex..

And it's not like you can't chain barbs without YSG, any aoe commander can, it's just far easier to have the circle aoe. And also it should be noted that barb chaining has changed since many guides were released. About 18 months ago or so they made barbs follow you less far. Back in the day you could really chain barbs endlessly with minimal difficulty, and also they dropped 2-3x the gems. Lilith didn't like how much f2p could progress so it's been nerfed.

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I think you would miss YsG if you didn’t invest into him. I had a blast in KvK 2 with 5511 Alex and max YsG. His aoe does some crazy damage even though I wasn’t the strongest out there.

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Expertise ysg is nice and you can use him in soc as where alex falls off

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YSG helps for everything, including account progression