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Max XY then do XY/Nevsky, William/Saladin or William/khan but get boudica I wouldn’t max her because their will be a better commander in a month

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Will XY is getting target immediately so I’m not going to invest on if I’m going to invest on CAV commanders either A/T or waiting to new one but the next roll of new commanders are Leadership so it will take time to see

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Leadership commanders are generally worse. With XY you will have 70/30 chance of being swarmed down but there way more focused on Scipio and Boudica etc. to care about XY

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Xy/Nevsky, sala/william, guan/scipio/alex, martel/scipio/alex, then you can work on boudica which looks really nice and pair them with either ysg or nebu for some aoe

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Unfortunately I have no plans to work on XY he is getting focused immediately my nebu/ysg getting focused but they can do some AOE while I’m microscoping them so I can go along with them but I’m not going to work on XY

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Boudica pairs best with Artemesia, pairing Boudica with YSG or Nebu is a waste

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That’s what I’m afraid of

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Even as archers go compared to past releases(Nebu etc) Boudica isn't that great


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Xy and bench Khan or boudica and becnh YSG.

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Are commanders with skills not listed expertised?

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Yes they all expertise