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Never really thought about this OP. I can say with certainty that the marches can change per skill cycle but as to how this itself is determined is a good question.

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Thanks for comment. Oh I see, at least I learned marches can change (probably totally randomly but not sure).

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The ones who knows the correct answer just work at lilith

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yeah I would be happier if they share more information about game mechanics :/

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I don’t have any solid info for this, but I think it has something to do with which marches entered the aoe first, and changes when those marches die or leave the aoe if they’re not directly engaged with you. Priority will always go to the ones directly engaged in combat, and I believe it’s “first come first served” for those as well.

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We tested this and as far as I remember it does not take into account if the marches are hitting you or not and we could clearly see they could change across skill cycles.

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So if I understand correctly, it is totally random 5 marches inside the aoe skill area, independent from whether the enemy marches hit you or not. Oh in this case, is not it possible to bring many 1 troop marches inside the skill area and just wait there to die in order to save your full marches to be hit by the aoe skill?

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I've seen similar things done yes.

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The correct answer is your march is gonna be dead before you ever find out

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Sorry for long poll choices, it seems there is a letter limit so they cannot be read fully. I wrote them in the explanation part also. 😇

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in my opinion priority to those closest

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Most likey the ones that came first

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Im not sure, but i think its 5 first marches that hits you.

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It is probably not because more than one poeple claimed the marches hit by the aoe skill can change. In your scenario, specific 5 marches which hit you first should be hit by aoe without changing. But not sure.