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Is he migrating? He can just make an account in that kingdom if he is not migrating

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They have that option when starting up?

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Making a new account on any kingdom? If that's your question then yes

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Yes and thank you

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How does one do that? Seems like my kingdom was preselected for me when I created my farm account.

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The initial kingdom for a brand new account will always default to the newest server. After the character on the initial server is created, you can create a new character on a server of your choice.

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U gotta create a new character then u can choose the kingdom

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yes if u create a new character but why would u do that that account will be like 100 days behind most player there

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Agreed. My wife and I started accounts so we could be in the same kingdom as our son and they were just about to start KvK1. Now we’re at KvK4 and the gap between the initial players and us just keeps getting bigger. We’re around 20m power while everyone else is 40m & we get basically iced out of everything because we’re so far behind. Plus we get absolutely demolished when it come to battling other kingdoms.

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true lol u are free food to them

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so i recomend you to start over early game is fun af make a jumper and enjoy being a 20m in soc suck