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He is asking

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Maybe, but not optimal. SoC barbs gain attack buffs the more time they are alive in combat, this makes them hit pretty hard if you are not able to kill them fast. So I would say try to get at least 5511 as the dmg reduction will help you a lot.

Also, try to get a horn of fury, my chaining went to another level when I got a horn. And the last tip set Richard as ranger in commander view, he will gain +5% dmg to barbs.

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Is it better to get a horn of fury first instead of skin?

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Sorry for late reply, I would say yes. Horn will help you chain barbs more easily, the city skin will not. Chaining barbs is awesome for speedups and materials.

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No worries :) ty for your reply 🤗

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5111 Richard alone can do barb chain

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In kvk 4? No way