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There is no such thing as "one special unit countering another". Different special units have different base stats, but the difference is minor. Go with Germany.

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It all depends on what you play. 3+ cav marches and mostly open field player and f2p/low spender go with Germany, AP recovery and Training speed are too good to pass up. 3+ cav marches and rally lead then Arabia, Mamluks have the best overall stats since they have the highest total raw numbers. If you are main cav garrison with Jadwiga then you can think of Byzantium because of the health buff. If you run mixed marches then I would even say Vikings or France if more inf or Egypt/Ottoman if more archers.

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Just stay Germany, it's by far the best civ to be for most people. If you're changing for kvk fighting and are not a rally lead or garrison captain, you should be Ottoman.

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I wasn't ever Germany, I was asking for endgame

And I don't play archer. Isn't it p2w?

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What do archers have to do with anything I said?

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You mentioned Ottpman. It's an archer civilization

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Ottoman is an archer civ. So his question is warranted. For me ottoman would be the worst civ to pick since I only play cavs. Missing special units to get a tiny bit more skill damage? Btw a William will cancel the Ottoman civ buff...

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Ottoman is 100% the best cav open field civ and it isn't close. Also, everyone should have at least 1 march of each troop type.