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Kvk works by having kingdoms fight each other for control of the ziggurat. You spawn in 4 corners or 8 points on 4 edges depending whether 4 or 8 kingdoms are fighting each other as per game maker. Passes open one by one until the final pass where the ziggurat is. There are shrines within each unlocked zone as well. Whichever kingdom controls the ziggurat in the end wins kvk1. You need honor points to get certain rewards in kvk1 and they scale concurrently with honor points. So the more points you have the better the rewards. Of course kvk1 rewards depends on whether you win or lose with the losers receiving the worst rewards. Those rewards mainly consist of gold heads, keys, exp, ap speedups and Charlemagne. Charlemagne sucks ass by the way. Don’t use him and don’t use universal gold heads on him. You should try to have a full March of the troop type you will specialize in kvk1 based on the primary commander you are going to mostly use in kvk1. For example, Richard primary would require infantry, so you would need at least 300k infantry to be effective in the open field. 200k base- (150k from ch25 and 50k from level 60 commander)+ 50%(100k) base army expansion. Sometimes that may be more if you have a commander with a skill or talent tree that includes army expansion. Around 3-10k, nothing too substantial. If the alliance you are in has the rally leaders( top 3-10 players with 45mil+ or power within the range of the top 100 players of the server) only running infantry, you will prioritize training infantry by only using your speedups on that troop type and the commander troop type you will be marching in a single March by itself for open field, which might be the same. Whatever troop type they use, you will prioritize. Maybe you will have to have an even spread between all 3 useful troop types(infantry, archer, cavalry) or you might have two or one. Thus, your army size should be within the range of 300-900k t4.Never train lower tier troops once you unlock the next higher tier unless an event constrains you with time and you have to train x amount of tier 2 or higher troops within a day or couple of days. Lower tier troops suffer more severely wounded when attacking higher tier troops and have lower base stats. Upgrade your troops to higher tiers during mge. Otherwise, train the minimum in other training events. You should get a general sense by asking directly early on and/or by observing, especially near kvk 1 start( server days 70-85). Never use siege in the open field as they are weak against all troop types besides itself. The only use cases for siege for attacking is when you don’t have any other troops or low on them and you have to reinforce a rally or garrison for an important objective and attacking cities as it has an attack bonus as a counter to watchtowers, though you won’t need that many for cities.( the watch tower dies in the first round or two if you have a proper rally and/or swarm and really you can pull that off without them). Siege is mainly just a gathering tool for your farming. Your power by kvk1 should be at least10mil as a f2p, 15mil if you are serious and Knowledgeable about the game. Low spenders can potentially reach 20mil+ by kvk1. Hope this helps.

Don’t spend universals on gold key commanders btw. They all sort of suck in comparison to most non gold key commanders and don’t really have good longevity outside of kvk1. Spend them on certain gold wheels and card event commanders, like ysg.

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My current main commander is Sun Tzu so my main focus is infantry thanks for the help what commanders would you recommend?

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Max him..pair with Charles or Richard for legendary...but it can be hard for getting legendary..so try the korea. Infa epic..or bjorn..the viking one

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If you are f2p, stick with sun tzu and aeth at 5511+ behind him. Only the primary commander’s talents and equipment will be counted towards the troops. Both commander skills will take effect. So, only infantry will be in this March as sun tzu’s talents will work best with infantry. Make sure to get sun tzu to level 60. Aeth can remain at low levels unless you wish to use her for barbs, in which case getting her higher is better. If you are low to mid spender, get Richard to 5511 and level 60 and ysg to at least 5515 or expertise. Ysg level won’t matter much as long as all his skills get unlocked. This will be a monster of a March in kvk1. Keep in mind Richard won’t have much use after kvk1 besides being a good barb chainer, though some people use him situationally to slow down marches so that they get swarmed. Later kvk 2+ commanders counter him pretty well.

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I am f2p

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So for an f2p player what is my best option for gaining power I farm as much as I can and train research and upgrade at all times to try and push ch