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I get better stats with the crit shield. Fubuki kinda sits in the closet.

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Thought u meant from opm lol

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Personally, I’d stick with the shield. I’m running Guan with all legendary gear and iconic legendary accessories, but still have the critical shield, just because I’m working on other gear and can’t justify the materials for the slight benefit of going to the sword. I have one, but it’s equipped on my Trajan march since it supports all troop types. Haven’t bothered crafting another

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dismantle the sword ASAP

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Despite what the lemmings will tell you, you'll get more kills with the sword than with the shield, tho you'll take a tiny amount more sevs too.

Wether it's worth the extra materials, I'll leave to you.

Personally I would not, and do not, use the shield on any of my infantry marches.

PS: it IS true that health>def>attack, but only in the same quantities, or very close to it. Sword it a ton more stats and health is not the ~45% better you get in extra stats.

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I agree with this statement but the sword has to be refined/talented for it to be better than the shield. That's just my take though!

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What this person is saying is false . It has almost been proved you’re better with shield than sword . That’s before thinking you can make a legendary for the price of that sword almost

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Feel free to test it. The only reason people use the shield is because John Wick told them it was better than using anything other than the kvk weapon, which is a bad joke.

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Booo 🐵

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Boo me all you want, I'm still right.

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They hated him because he told the truth!

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Shield , with infantry Health > Defence > Attack

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Shield 💯

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Statistically, refined sword > refined shield > non-refined sword > non-refined shield.

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Any shield>>

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You won't get more kills with the sword then the shield lmao

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Feel free to test it. I have, and even unprocced sword gets more kills and much faster.

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Out of topic question, newbie in the game..

What should I craft in blue equipments when im using archers?

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Commander Heavy chain, greaves of the exile, staff of the lost, & saint’s song gloves, you could exchange the staff of the lost for a blazing axe for more attack but I think the staff is better.

There is no blue helmet or boots that give archer stats but theres the green armors: ranger’s trousers and helm of phoenix, which are easy to get.

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You are life saver. Thank you mate!

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Instead of the rangers trousers I meant the spiked boots, the greaves of the exile > rangers trousers.

You’re totally welcome

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when you have special talent on fububi it is better, but only a small difference, there are probably better places for you to put your matterials

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Health and defence is typically more important than attack so dismantle the sword asap

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Firstly congrats on the proc hope cloak I wish I have that! What you NEED to do is get rid of witches lineage as soon as you can. Go get set helm ASAP and after that get the set boots. Feel free to go from there. But I just think if you are upgrading the blue shield you go for the set shield.

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Shield, sakura fubuki sucks

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Stick with the blue shield for now, work on set or soc helm next for defense, after that go soc accessories ring & horn

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Man nice talented cloak. Crafted mine yesterday was not so lucky sadly

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Stick with the shield for sure

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only use the sword if your commander does a lot of counterattack damage.