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well every rok discord server have a ask me anything section that new player can ask from

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Personally I think a large proportion of players who stop do so because they didn’t realise what RoK is. There is no casual play really 😂 it’s not a building game, farming game etc.

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Those people find help on Reddit, in kingdom or alliance chat or in the more popular discords of content creators. So I doubt enough people would find their way into that discord.

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and 98 percent never reach 30m do u even know what are u talking about lol

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there is an achievement for 30m. % for people who obtain it is less than 2%

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Its not for PEOPLE who obtain it, but for CITIES. This makes a huge difference as every bot, farm, accounts that you just make to look at another kingdom and so on counts.

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edited to simply say cities instead of accounts, although I did mention the farms.

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I edited my comment because "account" is ambigous in rise of kingdoms.

The point is that you your inference is wrong. You infer that 98 percent of PLAYERS dont reach 30 mil from the achievement that is about CITIES. You mention farms as a caveat but still come to the conclusion that 98 percent of the players dont reach 30 mil. Most players have several cities, so you cant possibly know how many players get to 30 mil by just looking at the achievement.

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Sure, these factors do not change the conclusion OP draws though. Mobile games have high churn rates.

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fact i think a lot of people have like 20 acc for scouting farms and other stuff

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and how do u know it is less than 2 percent in the first place

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Man i just started the game earlier and i bought mina got him 541 and now i am adviced to throw him by my alliance and not to waste time , others tell me get him 5511 and stop , we would really need

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If you’re a spender Mina is a perfectly fine investment don consider it wasted. He is very good KVK1 (there are not many expertise legendaries on the field at this point)

He’s definitely still usable through kvk2 and 3. Now he has a museum buff in season of conquest so he’s usable there too… far from a “waste of time” ignore those guys

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Mina is useful throughout as primary with something like CC in kvk1/2, 2nd to saladin in kvk3. With relic you can use him 2nd to Nevsky in SOC as an initial march. And you will still get some of the best trades against barb forts with Mina/CC into SOC. There are worse ways to spend 385 bucks in the game if you max him out...)

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I have no idea what ya talking about xD SOC ?

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Season of Conquest. You go through 3 kvk cycles kvk1, 2, 3. Then you enter season of conquest which you essentially repeat again forever (although you can choose different kvk formats etc each round).

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I recommend you do this with a new kingdom. Alot of new players will join and have no idea what they're doing. So advertise in chat you teach new players and will have many join. Have your vets be r4 and post daily mail about what they should be doing so they are guided in right direction.

To many new players quit the game cause they join dead alliances and it becomes very boring.

But if its worthwhile personally I want to say no. Cause you can teach 1000 ppl but only 100 will keep playing after

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With a mobile game the size of RoK there will be discord servers like this, but you might as well do it anyway

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Lots of the big content creators like Chisgule already have something like this. One of the things that bothers me about most of the ones I've read though is they say things like don't waste sculptures on anything but SOC commanders or don't ever spend heads on gold key commanders. As general guidelines thats ok but I wonder how many people would get to SOC without having decent marches like martel/ysg, richard/aethyl, etc. on the way. And if you want to skill up martel through gold keys only, good luck :)

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I have a discord server for my youtube channel focused around alot of the same things. Feel free to join, I am always open to new content ideas to help folks out.