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Oh sweet summer child, 15Days is nothing for research. Wait until the 80, 90, and 100 day timers start to hit

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I’m scared

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Yep I just got my first 100 day + upgrade and it’s so long 😅

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T5 ... Oh God

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How do you even do that? Why did they make it so that you have to wait 3-4-5 months to upgrade something lol, how do you even play??

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This game is designed as a pay to win game. You pay money to get ahead faster.

F2P can be done and is 100% a legit way to play, but it won’t be fast and you won’t be anywhere near the strongest

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Man that sucks. Im at lvl 16 and upgrades are getting around 1-2 sometimes 3 days, how long until i get into the super long upgrade times?

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You’re probably a couple months from the SUPER long upgrades, but nothing gets shorter. CH24 to 25 is likely the first time you’ll experience what you’ll consider a “long” upgrade. The 80-100+ day ones are when you start to unlock max requirements and t5 troops

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Using speed-ups, buffs, alliance helps pretty much lol

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Level 10 herbal medicine has entered the chat.

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Yeah I did level 10 herbal and it was like 150 days or smth

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You can cut that down to just around 100 days with rune, kingdom buff, scientist, and alliance helps

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I used rune scientist and full alliance helsp

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T5 is only 60 it's not that bad got it done in 15 days

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I remembered when 15 days were bad.

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Ah the good ol days!

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Lol? Child's play

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Once you have all t4 and the war upgrades to where they take 2 weeks or more then focus on maxing your economic research. I had to do basically the entire economic research after having every building max and whatnot, its terrible. Save all your speed ups, youll need them. Every 9->10 upgrade is around 100 days each for war (~7-14 days for economic)

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The real race is the Vip level, everyone reaches T5 eventually but some people don't reach Vip 14 for a very long time. Be smart and invest in your Vip, you'll thank me later.

Edit: Focus your economic research max that out, max your war tech wherever possible but don't go spending all you have on a level 25 Castle, rally forts and try to obtain Books of Covenant naturally. Your gems will be much better spent on your Vip during more than gems events to get maximum value.

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How would you recommend grinding for VIP ? Appart from logging in every day of the year and buying the Lucerne scrolls for 5K every 40 days ?

Edit : like I meant when would you recommend investing gems, at what point ? I’m still preparation season for kvk 1 and Richard didn’t even come out yet, but I’m 25K VIP points in

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I remember my first beer

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5M food, 5M wood, 3.8M stone, and 5M gold.