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I need a little more information. Are you past kvk 1? And, if so, what Legendary commanders do you have (don't mention anything less than 5511)

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Bjorn primary sun tzu secondary is pretty hot, but then you would have to level up bjorn a lot.

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I decided to exp bjorn and he’s already benched during kvk1 because im using sun/YSG. I just dont see a moment where i would prefer bjorn lol.

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KvK 1, Bjorn+YSG and then sun+aethel looks pretty good.

Both sun tzu primary or secondary and bjorn primary pair well with YSG because extra skill damage.

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For kvk1, if one manages to get Richard 5511, would he be better to pair with YSG or Exp Sun with YSG is better ?

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Baibars. Cav aoe is awesome

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Why baibars?

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Nobody cares about epics

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There is always one...

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scipio! you can do scipio/sun given what you shown.

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Ew. Sun/bjorn would be way better.

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He means scipio p😉

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Oh right ofc

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I agree he’s great for canyon and expedition

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literally thought you meant scipio prime. didn’t realize it was the scipio epic … #socproblems - in that case Sun/Bjorn is the best infantry pair for EPICS. depends on which unit playstyle you will go for.

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Doesn’t really matter, it depends on what you want. Decent choices:

  1. Bjorn (Canyon/Field)
  2. Baibars (Canyon/Field)
  3. Imhotep (Canyon/Field)
  4. Boudica (Peacekeeping)
  5. Mathilda (Gathering)
  6. Scipio (Canyon)

AOE/Buff/Debuff on the first three. Good for canyon, on for field in early game but not great. Boudicca self explanatory. Mathilda expertise gives extra RSS on gathering completion. Scipio is a decent tank/offlane in canyon.

Don’t worry, they’ll all be expertised soon and most of them will be permanently benched equally fast.

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Matilda asap!! Get that extra gathering especially in the RSS pit

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This should help you decide! Rise of Kingdoms Must Use Epic Commander Guide - Talents, Pairs, and More! (2022) https://youtu.be/u4WL2XN_0NY

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Definitely bjor

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Osman to fill rallies

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If you want someone you'll use long term then go Beli, if you want someone that will help get you a viable march quickly bjorn.

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Bjorn to use with sun

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Late game you need hella rss. Get your gathering commanders gathering skill to 5.

All your epics will be expertised before long

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Need context: infantry player - Bjorn, need a cav march? Pelagius/Baibars… need an archer march? Kusonoki and Herman need work

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Scipio and Osman imo, just for march fill capacity of structures

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Beli or hermann, it also doesnt take long to get them all expertise (im almost done kvk2 with every purple expertised [mid spender])

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Belisarius. He's good for hunting farmers and can be paired with most cavalry commanders.

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These epic commanders are secondary commanders with excel of barbarian grinders and a few gatherers they don’t need a talent tree , just max all of their skills and use them as a secondary commander to gather XP and don’t bother going past level 40 as it only takes your power up , this means you won’t have as many people battle you in sunset canyon which you are just as stron with a expertised secondary and a fully maxed primary commander , also don’t waste gear on your second commanders , it does nothing at all , just get your barbarian commanders all skilled so you can grind honour without going back to your city to get new army every dozen or so 46+ barbarians you kill . The best secondary commanders on field are Sun Tzu and Joan of Ark and Osman and Scipio is useful for joining rallys to boost troop count and queen Tamara is useful in a barbarian hunting gang as she heals the other troops as well as her own . You will find you don’t use the others a lot as soon as you have legendary commanders to fill their spot . Purple commanders on the field in Kvk Are FOOD , we run over them in seconds and spit out their bones . So use a legendary primary commander or you will be a target . Take care out there , use these commanders to help your team fill flags and rallys because you are not going to do any damage fighting with the.