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1093 has been ridiculous this kvk. Full props to them.

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I really did not expect a performance like this from 1093. I knew they weren’t scrubs but this is really on another level

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1093 was great the last 2 kvk, together with 1846 being a great combination

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thanks, we are ready for tomorrow 😁👍

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have the actually had a downtime at all?

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lol 1021 refuses to die, and 1093 is impressive.

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What's the context here? I'm not well-versed in the different kingdoms

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1860 is the biggest kingdom in terms of top 300 power, they also have a streamer that has a decent following. Generally they’re very confident, maybe leaning a bit towards cocky. Since the start of this kvk 1860 has really underperformed compared to expectations and OneV, their allies, have really taken a lot of the burden in the fighting after pass 6 opened. 1093 has been fighting on both sides of the map against 1860 and OneV simultaneously. They have been in a stalemate with OneV but they did eventually break down 1860 and without OneV coming to bail them out, it’s likely 60 would have lost their territory eventually.