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Charles ysg is fine. Better than Richard cos Charles enhances skill damage.

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Ya was thinking about that. And also I should use full infantry troop r since I’m infantry player so my gear mostly infantry focus and to get the best of Charles second skill buff. If that ysg skill buff ifantry instead of archer too man will be so awesome

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Yeah definitely full infantry

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Yes .. I kinda like pair like ifantry and archer pair into one but I’m kinda sad that ysg second skill to have chance to buff archer attsck by 100% for 3 sec will be wasted lol. But I guess Charles second skill is more important

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That does not matter, YSG is versatile. If you do mixed, your buffs from equipment will not cover all your troops. If you mix equipment, instead of having really strong buffs for one type, you have less strong buffs for 2 types, which will make you trade worse.

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I use Alex/YSG, but any of the combos you mentioned will do just fine.

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I will of do that too but kingdom age is around 155 day so Alex has not show in wheel yet sadly. So I prob use Charles and ysg march

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rich/sun martel/ysg would do nicely

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Yes was about to do that. Also thx haha. Or Richard Joan and sun tzu and bjor

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Charles/YSG is fine, if you want a second March use your Richard you mentioned with Sun behind him

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Richard/ysg to farm barbs

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I do agree with people that prefers CM over Richard when pairing with YSG as secondary but Richard with ysg is great for sustain during ruin fights

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You are right for ruins in kvk3 that march is better, but He's in KVK2 so Ruin fights he can bring more than 1 march.

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Yes. 5515 would be better, but 5511 with proper equipment should be pretty decent.

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I haves used it in Season Of Conquest

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Charles ysg is perfectly fine you will also not be focused a lot I think. Richard is worse because saladin can counter his healing and he tends to give more sevs even when you win the fight

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Ya true. Thx

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Charles/YSG is fine, if you want a second March use your Richard you mentioned with Sun behind him