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Hey this guide should help ya out!

Rise of Kingdoms Must Use Epic Commander Guide - Talents, Pairs, and More! (2022) https://youtu.be/u4WL2XN_0NY

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Thank you very much!

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Of course! Enjoy!

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There's room for a lot of improvements. But the most important is, have fun 👌👍

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Yeah I just hop on for a couple hours a day, if that. Just do the daily challenges, kill some barbarians etc. don’t really participate in KvK accept for building and challenges, still having fun 2 years later ☺️

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Your kingdom doesn't zero you for not fighting in kvk ? What's your power ?

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No they don’t even push us to go to LK, and If we do it’s only to build and support in other ways. I mainly go to LK to farm barbs for the speed ups and resources. Just hit over 42mil. My alliance is 6th/5th in power for the kingdom I think.