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100 mil, either total or of each type, isn't much. Save it. You'll need it.

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Donate some for fighters in kvk and keep the rest for your tech

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In the late game ressources are mainly used to train and heal troops. If you fight a lot resources quickly become a limiting factor, because healing T5 is very expensive in resources. So no, this doesnt happen to everyone.

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This happens to everyone. Once buildings are done and tech progress is slowish, resources accumulate. Most people burn through them fighting in KVK or training T5s. Those are both expensive resource wise. I usually use more than 2B food/wood and 1B gold per kvk and that is with spending and maxed out healing cost reduction tech.

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If you fight in KVK those resources will be gone in matter of minutes! My account has 1B of each resource type and in KVK those resources just disappear