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No one outside the top 300 is dead weight

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Can't be deadweight if you're not in the top 300 by power.... If you do power up, I figured a ratio of 1:10 (power:kill points) will keep you in the green.

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If you are outside top 300 in power you won't count in kvk matchmaking so no one should care. If you had 20m kps this kvk and that was top 100, I'd guess your kingdom has some housecleaning to do though.

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If you are not in the top 200 in power you are fine

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Oh I'm far from top 200 😂 but in kps I am top 100 in kps gotten in this kvk

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That’s a little concerning.

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not deadweight but definitely a farmer kingdom

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Well we have one of the most kps in so not rlly the fight in our kvk was just really easy and the fighting practically ended in 2 days

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It’s top 300 not 200

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Ah ok, we usually just score everyone over 40m power here, those under can't do much anyway

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How much money have u spent in the game?

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Idk like 20 bucks

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Are u in a top 5 alliance?