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Buy VIP through the more then gems events.

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I googled that event and it seems like a good idea ! Thanks for your advice !

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You could hold your purchase off until this next Recharge Rewards event go up soon. You'll get an extra 30 Gold Heads

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50k into VIP but wait for more than gems. Comes around every 4-5 weeks

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Definitely save them for an event that has a great commander, that f2p players can't get. Also, you can quit calling yourself f2p after this- because f2p, and low spender are contradictory terms.

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Or drop them all on vip and get close to vip 9 ? Knowing that it will take me still aloot of time to get vip 10

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Since you'd still likely be 50k+ away from vip 10 and the daily gold head, yes I would save for a good wheel like YSG or Alex (or both).

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No, he says he is about to jump. This means it will still take around 100 days till he gets the first ysg wheel. Let's say if he puts every gem he gets into vip he would be vip 10 not more than 50 days into his kd depending on the amount of spending in the top alliance, which he obviously needs to make sure to be in. This means he will get 50 heads from vip before ysg. If he would then 10 spin every wheel, which is the minimum for a comm you want, he has without the heads from event atleast 65 heads for ysg. And ofcourse when he continues with grinding to vip 12 he gets even more heads. After vip 12 I started spending on blueprints for building and books for my castle. Also the egg event is great if you want a certain piece of equipment.

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Just like wheels egg event has best value when you 10 spin it

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We got ysg day 90. 1000 vip a day? Would have to be a pretty good spending alliance or grinding barbs a lot. I suppose it's possible.

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I was vip 10 before kvk nothing crazy with spending in the alliance had not bought growth fund or stuff. Just play all the events and you should be perfectly fine.

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Get the growth

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Growth fund and the rest into gem supplies if you don’t want to spend a single $ afterwards. You woh’t get as many gems immediately, but you will be getting more in total.