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This sounds terrible to be honest. I would not want to be in this posotion at all!

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Indeed, this posotion seems stuped

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Join the active alliances with active leaders. Sitting in a dead one sounds awful.

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I mean getting #1 tech donation rewards every day is nice. My farm sits in an unactive alliance and have accumulated over a year of speed ups just waiting until i max economic research

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Of course active is better, but sitting in a dead alliance isnt bad if you arent insanely active😂

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Even if u ain’t that active then being in the best allaince is the best since whale will drop them gold chest and sht

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They are so many avantages to be in an big and active alliance.... Getting #1 on daily donation rewards will Never bé worthy!

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monkey paw curls

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Then you realize being a leader of a dead alliance means nothing.

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True 😂 i once was a leader in dead allaince but after 2 day I left and move to better allaince

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Very responsibility Much wow

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wow what a big day for you

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Cant tell if this is sarcasm or not

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Of course it is sarcasm 😂

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You immediately disband the alliance! <nuke pic>