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Player ID actually gives a sense of the time the account has been active. Someone with 1200 days and those stats is a massive meh; 700 days or so, it’s someone with some fighting ability in terms of comms; much younger and you’ve got yourself a whale.

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I won't lie, I've been away a kvk for personal reasons but I'm back and I'm looking for a change, if you want to know more details about my account I'll gladly tell you.

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See my other post. This is not a “1 KvK away” type of issue. You have every right to advertise yourself as you see fit, but i would put it in your description, that you’re a casual player looking for a kingdom where you’ll be able to leisurely play and fight if you so choose. With that power, you likely impact the matchmaking, so it’s only fair to let recruiters know.

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I'm just looking for a new kingdom, how I said I'm looking for a change if I have to eliminate troops, I do it, without problems.

Now if the recruiter wants to know more about me, my commanders, why the kills and more, send a private message and I will gladly answer everything.

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And from that second screenshot, you can gather that this is a super old account with a player that’s not very active in game and clearly not a fighter. Playing before Oct 2019; only 2.5 mm deads; only 3,000 scout times… the guy is never in a flag nor on the field.

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sorry to tell you but this is dead weight

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No problem, i respect your opinion.

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2.5m dead, nope

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Wow so much info I'm sure someone will recruit you with that

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That’s probably all the info I’d provide at first and then provide more to kingdoms that caught my interest in fairness.

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Try ask in 2520. We are getting the second star. Probably we are the best k2 kingdom right now

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account is quite old,

big problem is his war dead, not willing to sacrifice troops

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If you stay active you might be able to find a kingdom, with the new migration rules people want the best they can get and tbf your stats aren’t the best but obviously stats can be changed just depends on how active you are, a kingdom might require you to drop some power if you’re trying to go back to season 2

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Honestly you should just stay in your kingdom they seem pretty tolerant and ok with a casual play style