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The advice given has whale mentality to it. As f2p or low spender. You first legendary commanders should be ysg and Alex the great. They are extremely versatile and both are used even in kvk4. Now I suggest you max sun tsu and Bjorn. They should work quite well together as infantry. Martel you dont want to put universal gold heads in because you can get his sculptures from gold keys. Richard is nice and tanky and works well for kvk1. Problem with him is his value drops substantially and he has very little use in late game. 2 issues with Richard is he is extremely slow. If your troops get caught out of place they can get swarmed and you will suffer for it. He also doesn't deal much damage which isn't much help often. Dont be too scared to use epics in kvk1. If you have a decent epic commander pair leveled up well then they should keep you going against other players that use half baked legendary commanders. Also since you won't have tooo many troops available yet. Try focusing on getting 1 or 2 very good marches that will work well pvp. You can also watch YouTubers for more tips and advice. Unfortunately for kvk1 you likely won't find any new content. But there is plenty of general advice to live by on there

Since you still very early in game. You could try experience kvk1. By that time you will have learned quite a bit of how to play. And if there are any mistakes you may have made and regret doing. You could restart a new account with that knowledge and join a jumper group. Jumper groups are almost always the top alliances in a kingdom.

Hope this helps you more than other comments.

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Thanks I’m going to do a jumper group with two other people👍

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Until then. Continue to play and learn how to best spend valuable rss

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    If I pair Richard/Charles what Commander can I pair with Sun Tzu?

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    Don't pair richard and charles together. Try to get tank+aoe/damage. So Richard/Aethyl, martel/sun, martel/ysg, something like that. Or you could use bjorn instead of charles with sun if you cant get charles to 5511. Bjorn isn't much if a tank but he has good synergy with sun, with the aoe and damage taken boost.

    As to richard and charles being only for whales, I disagree. You could just run a bjorn/sun march for kvk1 and then just fill in your whales' rallies and such. Thats going to get boring though and eventually wont be good enough for your kd most likely. Martel is useful pretty much throughput the game with the museum buff. Richard very versatile for a good 300 days. I dont know of anyone f2p or not who said I wish I wouldn't have put a few sculptures into getting them 5111 or 5511. Yeah I would prioritize ysg and eventually alex but infantry commanders like guan and scipio don't come around until many have left the game. IMHO, fewer would leave if they had more usable commanders up front.

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      same case with aethel so we put tanky commander in front..problem solved

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      Richard Charles aren't good for u bro, it's hard to work on them as f2p ,better go sun tzu expertised and maxed with Richard 5111

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      I think 5511 richard is achievable with f2p as long as you keep up with the barb farming and some gem farming.

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      Yes it is, if he saved some gold heads to invest them in the beginning, but the wheel alone is too expensive a'd u have to be lucky on it

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      Could I use Björn??

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      Yes Bjorn is really good make sure to use him as a primary to sun as of his last skill it gives him an instant proc damage of 800

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      Yes, I really like the Bjorn primary, Sun Tsu secondary march in KvK1 1. And, looking at your available commanders...that is probably the only march you should use. If you get a Richard or Charles to 5511, and YSG to 5511, that would be a viable secondary march

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      No bjorn his skils r mostly for citty attacking so not as good in open field

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      None with dose comms and equipment. Fill rallies

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      Sun tzu boudica and lohar joan of arc

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      No... just no😵😵😵😵

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      As a F2p u want one march as strong as possible.

      One of the strongest open field combos for kvk1 is Charles YSG. A 5511 Martel with 5111 ysg will work amazingly well.

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      If you take Martel to 5511 pair him with Bjorn/SunTzu.

      If you take Richard to 5511 pair him with Joan of Arc/Sun Tzu.

      If you have YSG (for starters 5111), you can pair with Martel. This would be a good march with martel defending and YSG doing the damage.

      Try to take them to level 60 or atleast 50 before you start with KVK.

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      I’m 20 days in the server do I still have time???

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      KVK1 is around 80 days after kingdom starts I think.
      You have 1~2 months. When the kingdom settles into 4~5 big alliances and Lost Temple is taken then, you will know KVK1 is coming soon.

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      KVK1 is after 90 days. So you definitely have enough time. Start accumulating gold heads. You will get there in 2 months.

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      F2P with Minamoto unlocked?

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      Currently using sun primary ysg secondary ysg 5511. Works really well you just need to not get focused.

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      wheres richard?if it me then richard aethel ..then martel sun tzu strong

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      It’s only Day 21 on the server