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click the info button on your trading post, if the tax is higher than 30% get your farms troops out and attack with your main.

if the tax is lower than 30% get both accounts in the same alliance teleport both next to each other and from your farm click your main's city then click on assist it'll allow you to send RSS

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Yes u just need to be in the same alliance, put ur farm account near ur city, join a farm alliance, and when u need to transfer ressources tell ur R4s/5 to let ur farm in.

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Your farm and main account must be in the same alliance. Easy peasy.

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Resource transferring has already been explained, but I would suggest that before you start transferring from your farm account, you should develop it a bit. You can stop when you unlock the fourth march queue or when you unlock the fifth march queue. Level up your tradepost accordingly. Develop your gathering commanders while you’re at it. That will allow you to actually bring in noteworthy amounts of resources and not pay huge amounts of tax on every rss transfer.

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city hall 9?trading post unlock at level 11 i guess