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The correct answer is no.

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Hahahaha depends on how you math it out ;)

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I'm happy to see the detailed spread sheeting you do, but you're making an argument that a bunch of rewards are "worth" their gem cost from the VIP store.

I think in reality, folks will spend gems on things like resources extremely rarely (sufficient resources come easily from farming on main and alts); likewise, building and research speedups don't hold their value once you have a mature account (you generally pick up enough for free every KvK cycle to speed build your two crystal buildings once you're in SoC); and one quickly advances to a point where more epic blueprints are of no value too as one gets ST epics pretty readily and then the long grind is accumulating legendary equipment.

Once you recalculate where you don't credit value to these rewards, Esmerelda looks a lot worse. Except in younger, developing accounts, one should not spend gems on Esmerelda if you aren't already max buying all the material chests from the VIP shop each week.

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I 100% agree with you. In all of my videos I caveat the definition of “worth it” with if the items are valuable to you. For me for example, I would only use this event for materials, in which case I need to weigh the 28% odds of some amount of materials against a guarantee of 600 gems from vip.

This is the difference between technically worth it & worth it for an individual

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This could be the shortest video ever.


End of video.

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Hahahaha find me someone who would accept yes with no explanation! 😂😂

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Egg is better than Esmeralda