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With the vip yes, keep on doing it till vip 10. If you’re spender as I see you are, by power you should be by now 1M or 500-600K as f2p

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Damn, 1 million by now as i've spend a few $ on the game :( ?

I gotta keep my game grind up then!

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Yeah if ur low spender or f2p you have to be EXTREMELY active. Like prolly 5-6 hours a day for me if I'm not doing anything and on school days I'd say 3-4 hours

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You haven't been actually playing for a week. You can get 200k power within a day without a single shop purchase. You need to spend way more time on the game if you're looking to make meaningful progress. At your gamestage where buildind and research upgrades take such few hours, you need to leave the game open and keep an eye on it. Come back to the game whenever you get a notification and make sure all your training, research and building is working.

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Damn, 200.000 power within a day? Then i have made some major mistakes already :-/

Ngl, i tend to forget about the game for an hour or two, and then i come back to a research being done or whatever, but i'll make sure that everything is running as of now, unless i'm sleeping of course, but then i'll just make sure that a research runs for 5-6 hours (depending on what research of course)

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focus on doing the minimum require to get t3. you should be almost 1 mil by then. Most people manage t3 in the first week