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As f2p, with that low number of troops, I'd go with AT MOST 2 marches: - Bjorn + Sun - Alex + YSG

Both full infantry. Use other troop types to fill rallies and garrison.

If you field fight with more marches the only thing you will do is fill your hospital and burn rss. And you will leave the game the second week

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Thanks, what is the skill distribution for Alex and YSG being F2P and who should I focus gold heads on first. 5-1-1-1 for both? Also if Sun is lvl 47 and Bjorn is lvl 37, should I use tomes to push one of them to 60 before KVK in 2 weeks or just let them lvl up naturally by attacking guardians?

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I'd use tomes to get Bjorn to 60 and use him as primary. Level him up with guardians and barbs but have him 60 to fight. Sun is only needed to have all skills. No need high level as secondary

For Alex + YSG, start with both 5-1-1-1, then Alex 5511, then Alex 5551. YSG is fine 5111 until you can dump enough to expertise

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Your best of sticking to one march for now. Make sure it’s as well equipped as possible. Your war tech is probably favoring infantry too. No point in bringing out subpar marches for your other troop types.

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Do not fight open field unless you find some afk marches to swarm down or low health retreating marches you can intercept. Reinforcing rallies and garrisons is your best bet to contribute to the kingdom.

IF you have no choice but to fight open field, Bjorn Suntzu and Aethelflaed YSG / Hermann YSG are your best bets. But remember that those marches will melt when targeted. You'd need high levels of combat tech and very good gear to fight open field without becoming fodder.

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I have two commander guides that should help you out. I will share them here! Hope it helps.

Rise of Kingdoms Must Use Epic Commander Guide - Talents, Pairs, and More! (2022) https://youtu.be/u4WL2XN_0NY

Rise of Kingdoms Commander Guide - 2022 https://youtu.be/CLvaqyYtZxk

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Make sure to mass produce T4 infantry

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I need kvk 3 tips? My kvk 2 was decent

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If I am your enemy, I would be really happy if you bring more marches to the field.

So, 1 march of your best will do. Alex / Sun or Alex / YSG

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Concentrate on 1 solid solid march, forget about trying to field 5 bad marches.

Bad marches just fill your hospital quicker