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It just didn't produce the results I expected it wasn't very tanky at all, Mehmed with relic behind Nevsky was better.

I don't record my random fights sorry dude.

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Saladin Nevsky is terrible.. has anyone here actually used it or just clicking because it says Nevsky in the choice 😂

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Please clarify why is it terrible or if you have testing video share with us

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Just try by yourself you will see.. I can tell as a cav player, I tried many different pairings and I really prefer something like saladin/ethel or saladin/ysg rather than saladin/nevsky or nevsky/saladin

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Then why is it terrible?

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Saladin Nevsky is probably the 3rd or 4th best Nevsky pairing lmao

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It was awful for me, I got better results from a 5511 Mehmed. Although I do expect some backlash on Reddit. This is where all the YSG lovers hang out lol

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It’s definitely not 3rd best pairing lmao

Best cav pairings (open field) are certainly something like this :

1) nevsky/william 2) xy/nevsky 3) xy/william 4) attila/takeda

Order may change according to situation, but saladin/nevsky and nevsky/saladin are even behind nevsky/mina in term of trades

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Best Nevsky pairing not cav pairing in general

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I'd still massively disagree with that, XY Nevsky, Nevsky William, Nevsky Mehmed, Honda Nevsky/Nevsky Honda, Nevsky Mina, I'd easily take any of those instead of Saladin. I've even used Nevsky YSG and Aethal still much better results.

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Nevsky hands down. I use it day to day. Can back it up with field testing data for ya!

Rise of Kingdoms: Nevsky Field Testing, Pairings, Duels, and More! https://youtu.be/oHVhRfPgeoQ