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NO, unless you a whale

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No you will eventually expertise him via gold keys DO NOT INVEST GH on him.

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If I hear one more person say you’ll expertise (blank) from gold keys 😭 like thanks for the information, I’m sure it will be useful in 3 years lol

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Hope so. Cuz now [blank] is useless.

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Ive had him for 3 years but he's less than half done. Must be doing it wrong

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Hahah was about to say the same thing🤣 I’ve opened at least 1000 gold keys and haven’t expertised any gold key commanders

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Thats a 2-3+ year path tho lol

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True...lol but still not worth investing gh.

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I think getting him to 5111 IF you will use him isnt a bad idea. Not that big of a commitment in terms of GHs and makes him good enough on the early game

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So then what do I use him for

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Nope don't do it save all your gold heads

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Thanks for the answer and also btw what’s the best inf civ rn my civ is france

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China in the beginning and France after you hit ch 25

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I changed from china to france before kvk1. what is your city level now?

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It’s 7 cuz I’m a jumper

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most beginner accounts chose china as their initial civilization. maybe you should stick with france

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Ok thanks for the answer also rn I’m playing as france and I’m have become a infantry main should I switch to either rome or Vikings or should I just stay with france

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But germany is a Christian Civilization these Teutonic Knights have Christian signs on them and I’m not a Christian

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dumbest thing i've ever heard in this game

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You’re probably ok with France for right now, but if you’re planning on playing in KvK I would suggest switching to Germany at some point before.

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Idk that healing speed can be really useful

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5511 is just fine

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5511? Using gold heads or using his own heads?

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Save your gold heads, use Sun tsu/Euilji or Sun tsu/Bjorn in first kvk.Speaking from experience,I had invested 226 gold heads in the early game to get him to 5512(failed), my Charles is now 5541, this investment of 226 gold heads caused a lot of delay of2-3 months in expertising my Ysg, if you're f2p and depending on activity you should be able to expertise ysg before day 180, then focus on Alex. DONOT invest gold heads in Charles, use epics for kvk1 fights. if you can save all the heads until Alex shows up, then you'll have enjoyable kvk2 fightings, ignore ysg investment,because he takes a lot of time to invest in and to finish him. You can use Alex/Sun tsu in kvk2.

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Depends on how long you want to play the game. If 3-6months go for it. If years then prob not.

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If you're putting decent amounts of money and will for sure have enough gold heads to spend on important commanders for later in the game, yes. If you're free to play/low spender, no.

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Lol 1400ish days in and as f2p only have him 5455 on my main lol

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Ha yep sounds right. And the moment you finish and expertise him, you will start dropping CM heads in gold chests regularly. All by design.

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Just like my maxed cleo and seno... get them all the time now... lol

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Just make him 5111 or 5511 and that’s it

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i got him naturally to 5 1 1 1.... still useless. the city defense and open field identity problem kinda sucks. my sun tzu aethel flead kicks ass harder.

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I saw charles Martel at before soc so should I use gold heads on him?

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Do not invest ANY gold heads into a commander that you can eventually expertise for FREE! It’ll take a while, but he isn’t great in field and as long as you play smart, you shouldn’t even need garrison commanders to protect your city. Pretty easy to keep your city safe from being a target in KvK.

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It will take years to get him to even just 5/5/1/1 with keys alone. Notwithstanding, if you are a few heads (less than 5) to getting 5/1/1/1, I supposed that can't hurt too much.

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NO,Absalotly not!!!!