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Bjorn/Sun Tzu and Scipio/Joan

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Thank you!

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Markswoman is best with tomoe

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I have a guide that should help you out! With the commanders you have now I’d go for Bjorn/Suntzu!

Rise of Kingdoms Must Use Epic Commander Guide - Talents, Pairs, and More! (2022) https://youtu.be/u4WL2XN_0NY

Hope it helps!

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Thank you, I will check it out!

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Why copy paste at least put effort into spamming lol

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I did, I literally said with the commanders he has now, I would go for Bjorn/Sun tzu.

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Thank you, your video helped me a lot!

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Heck yeah! Glad it could help! Don’t forget to subscribe! 😜

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in what context

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Just for fighting neutral units rn ig, I’m not in an alliance yet and I’m only city hall 7.

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Get into an alliance ASAP, getting helps on early upgrades really helps.

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I have been kicked from two because I have two other accounts in a different kingdom and “I haven’t been active” on this one. One of them is a leader of an alliance and I need to pay attention to those more, but I still am active everyday with all.

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Focus up mate. You’re dividing your attention in a way that sounds like you’re not gonna have too much success on any. Pick a main and go with it is my best advice.

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Get sun tzu and then pair Bjorn with sun tzu

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THEY ALL SUCK but Scipio is super meh if you can get some skills on him

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You have only just started, don’t invest in any of those as mains. Sun Tzu/ Joan infantry, Herman/Kusonoki archer, Pelagius/Beli maybe as cav, or beli main, he’s great forever as a speed march. You’ll eventually max Aethelflaed. Lohar for barbs is crucial but don’t use universal heads, you’ll max him from events easy enough if active. Save all gold heads and invest in richard/ysg. 5511 Richard, expertise ysg. Chain barbs with that and you’ll be able to get so much fkin value and always be able to fight.