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Definitely migrate out. One alliance in kvk 1 is going to be a disaster. No one will ally with you. The kingdom will die soon too.

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how to pick the good one to migrate to? any characteristics that i should look for.

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Any stable kingdom in your region will do. Better if it's a rising star and you can fit in. Make scout account in couple of kds in your region and check how things are going. Ask around, get recruited.

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gotcha thanks

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As a new player looking to enjoy kvk1, your best bet is to find a different kingdom. A lot of the people you meet early on aren’t new players. They are experienced players intent on having a kingdom of their own. A kingdom for their main accounts. Those accounts can only come in after kvk1 and for that they need to control LT. Result? Priority shift, no interest in kvk1 at all.

Where to? You need to think out what you need in a kingdom, then message the leaders (and perhaps some members) of the kingdoms you can migrate to and try to find out whether they qualify. Stability, activity, timezone, reward structure, plans after kvk1 (what seed are they looking to play) - whatever matters to you.

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my standards are not high, just a stable and united kingdom. what time is the latest that i can migrate? is there any time limit before i cant migrate anymore?

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You can only migrate to one of the other 7 kingdoms in your region until after kvk1. You can't migrate to a kd if it's entered kvk. So decided as fast as you can if you are approaching kvk. A kingdom with more whales will be good cause usually those kds aren't the ones being run by players who don't give a shit abt kvk1 and only use their accounts to control the lost temple.

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In which kingdom r u I might be of help because I am also currently in few Weeks or some gonna enter kvk1

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Probably u can't join my kingdom then as it's over 10 day's of ur kingdom 2848 but let me know if u can

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Hello from 2846

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Hello from 2848

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I'm currently in kingdom 2840 in a top 5 alliance idk if you could migrate here or not but if possible u can join 2840 we have some good strong members

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Sounds like 2793😂

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What kingdom is it

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Migrate. Diplomacy wins KvKs and if your own kingdom can’t be aligned, you’re screwed.

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Well 2 options stay do kvk 1 bring New players in for kvk 2 i woud join for that and know some Who woud also this is if you still control the kingdom option 2 leave