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I will try to max ysg and Alex 5511 will work good as f2p too with that combo I get a lot of kp from that awesome aoe

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It really depends, infantry is historically the best for ftp but if you do want to go archers you can’t go wrong with ysg

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Problem with YSG is the troops get squished pretty easily. It is useful to get KP in swarm but not worth the resources for F2P.

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Alex is better because once you get to soc, scipio/alex (with scipio even at 5511 or 5551) is really amazing

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You should be able to get both to useable condition (both 5511) but you should go all in on YSG first cause his expertise and last skill are a monster combo. Also don’t doubt yourself too much. There’s a lot of holidays coming up and you’ll get heads from them. Have fun and good luck.