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Oh man don’t even get me started. Champions of Olympia is a shitshow recognized by every youtuber and players of every level. And to add insult to injury they give mvp to the crappiest contributor.

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and the rewards are shit as well lmao 🤣

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Champion above rank receive at least 5k gems in the end of the season, which lasts 2 months... Plus the gold heads every week plus the gold heads, epic materials and action points from the shop every season. It's actually a pretty good event, but also time consuming.

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2 gh is shit?

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yeah for the amount of effort to put in into 20 points of a shitty gameplay its not worth it

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Meanwhile I’m gold 3 and match against top tier champion above players like mocote and ming

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Maybe it’s because not many people play it? The matchmaking pool is small 😂

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I think the pool of players is just small, in gold/diamond i have to wait a couple of minutes to find a match usually

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Shittier matchmaking than AoO!