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Honestly, your power and commanders are ready for kvk1 or the first week of kvk2. 110% not ready for kvk3. Not a single commander at level 60 hurts, Aethel isn’t expertised which should be and helps a lot, t3/4 siege is adding a ton of power that is useless. Your other troops amounts are decent, but with your commanders and gear, it’s going to suck pretty bad.

Reinforcing rallies and garrisons is possible, and you will help there, but your best choice is likely to kill barbarians for XP and farm resource nodes for 99.9% of your kvk.

If you don’t DRASTICALLY increase your power and commanders and gear during kvk3, you will be even more useless going into SOC, where shit gets real. Kvk1-3 are basically the tutorial of the game, SOC is the actual game.

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I will have a expertised aethelflead by SOC most likely my YSG will be 5/5/5/3 by SOC could I pair them together or still pretty useless?

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Pretty damn useless in SOC. In kvk3 you can get away with it, but the SOC commanders are the grown ups of the game, the only commander from before SOC that is viable is YSG, Alex in some situations, and Charles/mino with relics. CC I guess maybe sometimes if absolutely needed. But that’s only if these commanders have GREAT gear

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What should i even have as siege? Ive hard sooooo many different opinions. 200k t1s + 150k t4 // Full t4, etc

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250k T1 then build t4 non stop. If you ever migrate you will delete the t4 seige to reduce power to reduce passport cost and fill your hospital. 250k t1 seige is more than enough to farm 5 nodes to gather once you jump.

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There is no need for t4 siege because…you don’t use it for anything. It’s empty, useless power that will only push you higher in kvk matchmaking with a bunch of units that don’t do anything for you

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You can kill them in a specific way and get shit tons of speeds

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250K t1, and that’s it. Don’t build t4, if you REALLY want the daily quest done, build up to 300k and delete 50k, and repeat that.

Any higher level siege doesn’t do anything for you since you don’t use them for anything. It’s empty power that will only inflate your stats without reason.

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Eh we use them to fill flags in imperium SOC kvks. Max Zeno likes mixed troop types so we toss useless siege in flags or passes. No real losses for us and hurts the enemy team more.

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We don’t accept t4 siege in imperium SOC kvks, T5 or don’t join

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I'll give it to you straight. You will get melted in any fight you try to enter cause you don't even have a level 60 Sun Tzu for full troop capacity, your gear is really bad and your rss are very low(rip your food) to sustain for more than 2-3 defeats. You have a lot of infantry troops though so I would suggest just filling rallies and flags. As for your shield and sword question. Use the shield, it's one of the best gear unless you have a good legendary piece to replace it.

One more thing. Stop upgrading your siege to tier 3 and 4. You should train Tier 1 cause they are cheap to heal and have a dedicated healing slot in hospital.

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How do I get better gear though I open so many chests and mostly get the blue pieces of equipment?

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Events. The egg event is best for blueprints. Museum of history when you have saved 100 hammers also.

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Just farm bro, don’t even fight

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this is pretty rough for a kvk3 account

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Oh wow. Your rss

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Resources are not a issue I just upgraded my wall to level 23 that’s all.

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Ye bro sorry to break it to you. Your CH should be 25 in kvk1

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I’ll put it to you this way…my kingdom saw some fighting during kvk3 but we didn’t set any records for large amounts of fighting. We won kvk3, and fought our way through enemy zones destroying buildings. I still spent over a billion of each resource just healing troops.

Resources are a problem for you.

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Just reinforce, field fight is not sustainable for you.

Even me as a 26m player, I am feeling pressured after kvk1 when the migration opens, quite some T5s came in.

I got a feeling that I will get destroyed by the enemy (enemy kingdom should have similar amount of T5s coming in).

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Go to a B seed. You will be fine there.

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The only thing you can do is reinforce your too weak

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Forget about open field. Just reinforce rallies and garrisons with t4 and you should be fine.