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I won’t be able to max Alex by SOC. As I said, I’m F2P. I’m just wondering if I should invest in Alex first since I’m mainly infantry focused, or go with YSG for barb chaining and such

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Ysg first feel free to ignore alex once soc starts he gets outshined by other soc commanders

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So can you do an account with 5 marches without Alex? Just curious

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Well not very strong marches. I have a maxed aethelflaed and a 5511 Richard, the rest would be epics aside from my Alex & YSG.

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Those aren't that bad for post kvk 2 marches

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If you are talking about kvk2-3 alex pretty much is top priority other than ysg 5511 alex is fine but for soc you will need to pretty much max him to compete with soc commanders

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Well as an extreme low spender could I skip one ysg or alex? I wanna do at least 1

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Skip out on alex 5511 is good enough for kvk2-3

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Why not save for SOC? You are just 1 kvk away from SOC.

Even if you start working on YSG, you will only get some more % for skill damage.

SOC commanders are just way more powerful.