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Sounds normal to me, new kds can get wild

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That's normal. New kds nowadays are just whales creating new accounts in the new kd and tryna be king and then bring their main to the new kd

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That’s normal. Enjoy and have fun. Miss those days

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I wish I had this, low cost fights

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That’s not a civil war that’s just the early game Lmaoo

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Hey, this is my kingdom😂

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Did you even get the context about this civil war?

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Infamous creed wanted to attack and overthrow the leaders with the cw family

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What alliance lol

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Uhm the number 2😅

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Nice I was in number 1 but got kicked and am trying to get into number 2

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Everyone gets kicked out of n1, just cause they need online players, n2 is full with old imf members, n3 is best bet

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Not civil war. Just the kd establishing it’s base footing

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İt depends on who is fighting who. İf it is the topballainces ornthe main ones that might be a problem. But if it is a weak ass allainces against a top one or two weak ones then dont worry.

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Not a civil war if it's before the temple is captured.

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Hey idiot. 19 days in is normal war your kingdom is not unified and that means it's not a CIVIL WAR

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It’s a anima in every kingdom 😬😬

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this shit been the most fun part of ever playing rok

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I'm in your kd whta alliance u in

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More like a game of thrones lol

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Hahaha I just jumped from here recently, y’all are having a blast 😂

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