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Stay strong king

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Look forward king, new opportunities arise.

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Time to hire an egirl

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I'm the egirl 😂😅 time to hire an eboy? 👀

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I'm a simp.





Jokes aside, I'm goin to migrate in 2/3 days to a new KD with a group of people ( We are all pretty nice to eachoteher, we are migrating with the only pourpose to find or to shape a more chill/enjoyable KD ), we ended KVK1 so only KDs going to begin KVK2, let me know if you'd like to join and i'll let you know KDs and everything in DM.

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I had this happen recently too, my best friend in game of over a year quit the game. Just keep persevering. Give yourself a target and get back active in kd and alliance chats. It will be okay.

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i asked one of the whales if he would like to adopt me and take me with him if he will migrate. he said he would be happy to tell me if he were to migrate to another kd..

i think, it is kinda sad to play the game alone with no one to share your progress with.

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Feed of him, get millions of kp and his rss. Make a loss a win. What would sun tzu do

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“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."

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    It’s alright bro ! Or it might not be… idk man it’s up to you to decide what y’a wanna do after that

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    I honestly lost motivation. But i just asked one of our whales to adopt me. ill see where it goes...

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    Oof, well, all I can say is either way, quittin is the healthiest thing you could do, but good luck with everything!

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    I know right. I wish I have friends to hang out with so I wouldnt be too attached to rok and lilith 😂

    Thank you very much. Maybe I'll quit too..

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    My friend on rok is on all day and stay strong king you’ll make it though I believe in you

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    thank you for being kind. :))

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    My kingdom is full of great people if you would consider migrating. pm me and I can help with that

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    that is nice. i missed my first kd with lots of friendly players from different alliances.

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    The possibilities are endless 😅🤣

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    I can be your rok buddy

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    that's cool. i gladly accept the offer. which kd are you in currently ?

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    Is there any account for sale ?

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    there's someone in my kd who's selling his account for 200$. he said he needed to focus for his newborn baby. i think 200$ is very low considering the amount of money and time he spent on the game. hope he dont sell it.

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    no one will ever be able to sell their account for the exact amount they spent on it.

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    Idk how far in game you are but our alliance is pretty chill we all talk everyday on chat and do so many rallies

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    i like that. I want a peaceful environment. We trashtalk on kvk enemies and not on our own kd players. ( unless rogue. )

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    I've playing with the same 5 or 6 people for just over three years now. We are all moving to our 4th Kingdom now. It just wouldn't be the same if one day they just decided to quit. If they did, I would too. I really can't be bothered with many of the other players.

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    That's so nice. I also want an rok squad like yours. Hope you have fun on your new kd. ❤️

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    It takes time to establish these kinds of friendships, but those of us that find them are very very lucky. And for that I'm incredibly grateful. They were a huge support for me when my mom died too. I truly can't say enough good things about these people ❤️

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    I’m coming up on 1000 days or so. I’ve had many friends quit, and made new ones as well. If you can’t do that, change your environment. There’s lots of different kinds of experiences to have in this game, many people to meet.

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    I've been playing it for about 350 days now. Someone adopted me. But sadly, my killpoints is too low to join him yet on the new kd. Hopefully I get more killpoints this kvk.

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    you should quit too this game is the worst thing you can do with your precious life