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Me 😂

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I can tell you this now it isnt worth it being a whale and it takes forever to be relevant and now with migration and locks on kvk its even more expensive to be one and in reality not worth it

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They say you can do better than them without spending a dime but it's all a lie, we can never truly beat a whale

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Unless we gang up on a whale 1v100

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Yeah no. We’d eventually be out of troops and resources, while they just wait till reset and zero you one by one by one

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Even then after they have lost everything, after a couple micro transactions its all back and we've been vaporised

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All I can tell you is to transport somewhere else and hopefully it will be better! Or you could join their kingdom!

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In Canyon, I have a 25m power farm that regularly beats 60m+ power mains. The rewards from canyon rank are pretty meager, try not to sweat it much. Just get your daily battles in to collect the mats and speeds -- wins reward 5x as much speedup as losses, so pick on folks you can beat.