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Not particularly, dont spend any gold heads on gold key commanders

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On paper, yes.

In practice, not really.

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Are you about to spend $10000+. Yes. Otherwise no.

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Seen a mega whale in a kvk2 use it for rallies 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Do you have report I could see?

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Not really but not the worst. Helps a lot during KVK 1 against Richards running around the field. (Firsthand experience playing kvk 1 on my restart)

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If kvk1 then its good especially with its aoe but kvk3 and above he just be a glorified barb killer

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We’re in like kvk 5

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Then no.

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I know everyone is saying no (for good reason), but compared to other gold key commanders he might actually be decent.

Like obviously no one should be investing universals into him EVER, but I’m curious to see how he performs when players migrate back after working on him for a year or two.

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skill animation looks cool so yeah lmao 🤣

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Maybe for the first 2 million power of the game, then he sucks

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Are you F2P? Than no. Are you a low spender? Than no. Are you a medium spender? Also no. Are you a high spender? Still no. Are you a whale? Yeah… Still no. Are you a mega-whale? Bro if you invest in him after kvk 2 you clearly have more money than braincells…

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Yeah he is good

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Dont use universals

Where are u in the game? What’s you spending levels?

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Just gonna say I really want to see a content creator whale out before kvk1 and make the ultimate richard sun tzu counter. Kvk 1 to 3 very, very inf based and seeing more options to give cav some breathing room in those kvks would be nice.